RFP Updates

Last Revised July 13, 2017

Current Open Solicitations

RFP’s Closing DateRFP DocumentationRFP#Procurement Lead
August 24, 2017
1:00 PM ET

Turf Surfaces – Synthetic, Natural, Installation and Services
683392 Jim LoGrasso
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Attachment E – Pricing Matrix

August 31, 2017
1:00 PM ET

Laboratory Supplies and Service
683309 Christine Belzer
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Solicitations Under Evaluation

Anticipated effective dates are shown by calendar month.
For more information, please contact the Procurement Lead listed.

Award DateProject NameRFP #Procurement Lead
July, 2017Elevators, Escalators, Moving Walkways - Maintenance, Modernization, Repair, Replacement, Parts, and Services683319 Bob Solak
July, 2017Equipment/Tool Rental, Leasing, Purchase, Other Products and Services683408 Bob Solak
July, 2017Job Order Contracting (JOC) Services683318 Bob Solak
August, 2017Computer Equipment & Related Hardware, Software, Services and Support683385 Catherine Goglia
August, 2017Constituent Consulting for Collegiate Athletics Programs683412 Jim LoGrasso
August, 2017 Security Services683320 Jim LoGrasso
September, 2017Microscopes, Cameras, Software, Accessories, Supplies, and Service683303 Christine Belzer
September, 2017Renewable/Sustainable Furniture683382 Helga Strobel-Pedisich
October, 2017Mobile/Portable Event Furniture683325 Helga Strobel-Pedisich

Upcoming Solicitation Schedule for 2017 – 2018

The following RFP’s are scheduled to be released in the time periods shown.
For more information, or to volunteer your assistance with the initiative as an RFP Team
participant, please contact the Procurement Lead listed.

Release DateProject NameRFP #Procurement Lead
3rd Quarter – 2017Building Automation Systems, HVAC and HVAC-R683324 Bob Solak
e-Facilities Management Solutions (Facilities Software Integration Management Solution)683401 Bob Solak
Educational Assessment/ Common Core & Test Development683326 Jim LoGrasso
Express Package: Delivery Related Service683403 Jim LoGrasso
Learning Management Software683369 Catherine Goglia
Network and Data Security Solutions683330 Catherine Goglia

4th Quarter – 2017Cost Management Consulting for Waste and Recycling Programs683417 Bob Solak
Equipment Financing683420 Jim LoGrasso
Recreational/Fitness Equipment683393 Jim LoGrasso
Temp Services683414 Jim LoGrasso
Waste (Garbage) Removal and Recycling Management Services683323 Bob Solak

1st Quarter – 2018Construction Management at Risk (Request for Qualifications)683409 Bob Solak
Fleet and Automotive Parts and Services683394 Bob Solak
Lab Equipment/Reagents683334 Christine Belzer
Statistical Software683419 Catherine Goglia

2nd Quarter – 2018Construction Management - Design Build (Request for Qualifications)683410 Bob Solak
Event Management Staffing683353 Jim LoGrasso
Sports Lighting683397 Jim LoGrasso