E&I FieldTurf Contract


FieldTurf, a Tarkett Company, offers synthetic turf, running tracks, indoor flooring, tennis courts and sports surfacing. FieldTurf is known for inventing and perfecting long-pile infilled artificial turf and has been installing turf systems for more than 15 years.

FieldTurf’s innovative synthetic turf products have proven to out-perform and outlast other turf systems in the marketplace. Whether your main concern is long-term savings, athlete safety, field performance and durability, or environmental issues, FieldTurf sets the standard. That’s why FieldTurf has become the most trusted name in the artificial turf industry, and why E&I’s FieldTurf contract is the smart choice for higher ed and K-12 institutions alike.

Contract highlights:
  • All-inclusive product offering including turf, tracks, indoor flooring and tennis courts
  • Project design, development, construction management
  • Professional services-engineering, survey, geotechnical
  • Service including maintenance and field care
E&I FieldTurf Contract

Getting Started

To set up or transfer a FieldTurf account number on the E&I Agreement, simply complete the FieldTurf Account Sign-Up form.