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683536 - Asset Management and Surplus Liquidation
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Contract Effective Dates:
07/01/2021 - 06/30/2024

Maximizing ROI at the end of each asset’s lifecycle deserves the same consideration as the initial purchase. With over 20 years of experience working with higher ed institutions, GovDeals offers an online auction solution that enables government and educational agencies – both public and private – to maximize ROI for assets they no longer need. 

The E&I GovDeals contract is the one-stop solution for everything from typical higher education administrative surplus such as office equipment and supplies, computers, furniture, dorm and office furniture, and classroom supplies to vehicles, buses, lawnmowers, and heavy equipment, to specialized assets such as medical, laboratory, dental, and research equipment, to real assets such as buildings and land. 

Contract Highlights: 
  • Revenue generation: GovDeals has two decades of auction success stories and hundreds of satisfied higher education clients. 
  • Virtual storefront functionality: With space at a premium, fewer students driving, and preference for online shopping, GovDeals can augment/replace on-campus stores. 
  • Virtual asset reallocation: Easily address your reuse and sustainability initiatives by allowing faculty and staff to view and claim available assets from a virtual warehouse. 
  • Branded microsites for specialty assets: Create audience-specific websites that enable students, alumni, and the public to find and purchase athletic and branded apparel and other asset types. 
  • Cost avoidance solutions: Reduce demolition and renovation costs and auction rites to the removal of fixtures, contents, architectural antiques, etc. GovDeals can help risk and property management staff understand how other institutions have accomplished this. 
  • Real estate sales: Turn inventory of excess buildings and land into revenue with GovDeals’ turnkey solution. 
Why GovDeals: 
  • Sustainability and green initiatives: Track landfill diversion and reuse/reutilization of assets while also generating revenue. 
  • No out-of-pocket cost solution: No membership, signup, setup, or seller fees; asset buyers pay a small fee. 
  • Risk mitigation: As a no-risk solution, GovDeals indemnifies sellers from all financial liability. 
  • Training & support: Regionally-based account managers provide robust training and support. 
  • Professional marketing: GovDeals’ dedicated marketing staff runs ads in targeted trade publications by asset type to ensure the competition necessary to maximize ROI. 

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