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ID-00032 - Business Intelligence, Data Analytics & Data Warehouse Solutions
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04/01/2022 - 09/23/2026

HelioCampus is a business intelligence, data infrastructure, and data science company focused on helping higher education institutions use data to make more informed, strategic decisions. HelioCampus delivers actionable insights for driving student success and growing revenue, maximizing return on academic programs, understanding online classroom activity, and managing costs. 

Originated within the University System of Maryland and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, the HelioCampus contract offers institutions a unique perspective on using data. With data from any campus department, HelioCampus provides strategic decision support, and helps streamline campus operations through an analytics platform and ongoing services. 

Contract Highlights: 
  • Student Lifecycle increases visibility into admissions, enrollment, financial aid, and retention data by integrating SIS data and third-party data sources. 
  • Student Financials helps institutions plan for a sustainable future with financial projections on a 5 to 10 year time horizon. 
  • Academic performance management helps counter budget deficits, identify efficiencies, and optimize faculty assignments and non-teaching activities by centralizing academic program data for analysis and decision support. 
  • Centralize learning management system (LMS) data to quantify LMS engagement, evaluate best practices, and improve student learning outcomes. 
  • Strategic financial planning services to measure institutional performance against strategic goals by integrating student and financial data for analysis and decision support. 
  • Benchmarking consortium membership optimizes academic and administrative spending through the analysis of internal and external benchmarks.  
  • Administrative Quality Satisfaction Survey (AQSS) helps Benchmarking Consortium members determine satisfaction levels with various administrative departments across campus. 
  • Assessment & Credentialing platform for managing institutional assessment and accreditation, planning for continuous improvement, and connecting authentic lifelong learning.
Why Choose HelioCampus: 
  • Roots in higher education: The technology platform, services model, and overall approach were developed in a university setting over the course of five years. 
  • Comprehensive analytics solution combines technology, content, and services to foster insight, inform decision-making, and support actions for improvements. 
  • Deep experience and expertise across core technology domains to implement, enhance, and maintain an institution-wide analytics initiative. 
  • Access to data scientists enables advanced capabilities to support predictive modeling and analytics. 
  • Flexible and extensible platform including the tools and technology, with curated content that allows you to accelerate the path to advanced, institution-wide analytics.

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