Contract Number: EI00127
Contract Date: 04/01/2022 – 09/23/2026
Agreement: LPA
Renewals: None
eProcurement: N/A
RFP Number & Name: EI00127~2021RFI / Business Intelligence, Data Analytics & Data Warehouse Solutions


The HelioCampus contract offers E&I members a combination of powerful technology platforms and best practices from the field, helping them measure and evaluate their effectiveness in fulfilling their mission by connecting investments with financial, operational, and student learning outcomes.

Born out of higher education, HelioCampus works with colleges and universities to transform institutional effectiveness. The HelioCampus suite of products further the adoption of advanced analytics and optimize financial decision-making as well as assessment and accreditation processes to provide a more integrated approach to strategic planning and institutional effectiveness. HelioCampus helps institutions present data in ways that allow stakeholders to take informed actions and mitigate risk.

Contract Highlights
  • Increase visibility into admissions, enrollment, financial aid, and retention data by integrating SIS, third-party, and other data sources
  • Counter budget deficits, identify efficiencies, and optimize faculty assignments and non-teaching activities by centralizing academic program data for analysis and decision support
  • Centralize LMS data to quantify engagement, evaluate best practices, and improve student learning
  • Flexible and extensible data analytics platform curates content that allows you to accelerate the path to advanced, institution-wide analytics
  • Ongoing data science and analysis services to build fluency, drive adoption, support predictive modeling, and advance analytics priorities
  • Plan for a sustainable future with 5-10 year financial projections, empowering institutions to prepare for a range of potential internal and external scenarios
  • Benchmarking consortium membership optimizes academic and administrative spending through the analysis of internal and external benchmarks
  • Understand costs to mitigate risks that threaten the institution and support a financially sustainable future
  • Unified Assessment & Credentialing platform with natively integrated solutions easily and seamlessly provides data for accreditation, assessment, planning, and continuous improvement
  • Real-time verified and self-issued evidence of learning for students so they can articulate skills and achievements to potential employers

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