Hilco IP Services, LLC d/b/a Hilco Streambank

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EI00080~2021RFP - IPv4 Brokering Services
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02/01/2022 - 01/31/2027

Hilco Streambank is a market-leading broker that facilitates sales and purchases of Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) address blocks around the globe. The E&I Hilco Streambank contract delivers their multi-tiered platform that supports transactions of varying IPv4 block sizes, helping educational institutions generate revenue through sales of unused address space or buy what they require.  

Transactions are conducted on their online platform or through private negotiations by their brokerage business, ranging from block sizes of /24 to /9. Hilco’s online IPv4 auction marketplace has been providing a streamlined process for transactions with straightforward terms since 2014.  

Pricing and transactions in the marketplace are freely available to participants and the public. They are posted online so you can easily assess trends over time and by block size. Hilco’s private brokerage service is available on request. 

Contract Highlights 

  • Options include auctions with specific end-dates and “buy now” options at a set price. Funds are held in escrow pending successful transfers and registry updates. Transfers are facilitated between regions. 
  • Hilco’s brokerage business selectively sources qualified sellers or buyers for private, confidential transactions 
  • Discounted brokerage fees have been negotiated for E&I members. 
  • Assists with Regional Internet Registry (RIR) transfers. 
  • Flexible, cost-effective leasing opportunities preserve cashflow and offer a wide variety of price and term options 
  • Valuation and disposition services are available for patents, trademarks, and other intangible assets.

Why Hilco Streambank? 

  • Continually handles IPv4 address block transactions worldwide for: higher education, K-12, major telecoms, cloud services firms, ISPs, and Fortune 100 companies.  
  • Dedicated to reliable, transparent service: publishing online marketplace sales information gives buyers and sellers real transaction data to help with decision-making. 
  • Platform open to qualified users only: applicants carefully vetted per legal and RIR requirements.  
  • Maximum bid function: this service helps bidders establish a purchase price ceiling and automatically increases a buyer’s bid in response to higher bids.  
  • Offers numerous additional services: developing strategies to maximize transaction value, ensuring confidentiality, advising on deal structure, and other support services.
  • Assists in negotiating and drafting transaction documents, offers complimentary escrow services, and facilitates IP transfers at the relevant RIR(s). 

More Information 

Please contact your E&I Member Representative or Michael Mast, Business Development Manager, Technology. 

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