Contract Number: EI00080
Contract Date: 02/01/2022 – 01/31/2027
Agreement: Competitive
Renewals: 1 5-year renewal remaining
eProcurement: N/A
RFP Number & Name: EI00080~2021RFP / IPv4 Brokering Services

Hilco IP Services, LLC d/b/a Hilco Streambank

Through the Hilco Streambank contract, E&I members generate revenue through sales of IPv4 address blocks and purchase what they need. Hilco is a market-leading broker for purchases and sales of IPv4 addresses worldwide. Let Hilco be the single point of contact for your IPv4 address needs, with premium consulting services at no extra cost.

Many educational institutions only use a small fraction of the IPv4 addresses they have and can generate revenue for projects through sales of varying block sizes. Transactions frequently involve hundreds of thousands, and even millions, of dollars. Transactions are conducted on Hilco's online platform or through private negotiations by their brokerage business. Their online IPv4 auction marketplace has been providing a streamlined process for IPv4 transactions with straightforward terms since 2014.

Contract Highlights
  • Brokerage fees provided at special discounted rates for E&I members
  • Assists with Regional Internet Registry (RIR) transfers, which refers to transferring IPv4 addresses to a specific recipient
  • Auctions have specific end-dates and may include ‚”buy now” options, offering them at a fixed price
  • Hilco's brokerage business selectively sources qualified sellers or buyers for private, confidential transactions
  • Flexible, cost-effective leasing options preserve cashflow and offer a variety of price and term options
  • Continuous handling of IPv4 address block sales and purchases for higher education, K-12, major telecoms, cloud services firms, ISPs, and Fortune 100 companies worldwide
  • Helps negotiate and draft transaction documents, offers complimentary escrow services, and facilitates IP transfers
  • Publishing online marketplace sales information gives buyers and sellers real transaction data to help with decision-making
  • Platform open to qualified users only; applicants carefully vetted per legal and RIR requirements
  • Offers additional support services, including developing strategies to maximize transaction value, ensuring confidentiality, advising on deal structure, and more

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