E&I JAGGAER Contract


JAGGAER is an industry leader in the field of e-procurement solutions. E&I’s competitively solicited JAGGAER contract comprises the entire suite of JAGGAER’s e-procurement modules and comprehensive services.

JAGGAER’s familiar, user-friendly online shopping experience delivers a multi-vendor e-procurement platform to meet member needs.

Contract Highlights:
  • Rather than simply managing transactions, e-procurement can drive enterprise spend management and advance its mission.
  • JAGGAER’s on-demand e-procurement software and the JAGGAER Supplier Network deliver a critical mass of suppliers in one centralized hub — so your staff gets exactly what they need through an easy-to-use e-procurement system.
  • E&I members are eligible to have up to 10 pre-selected E&I supplier catalogs enabled on their JAGGAER solution, free of charge.

JAGGAER Catalog Enablement

E&I Cooperative Services is pleased to partner with JAGGAER and offer a variety of E&I contracts via the Spend Director strategic procurement solutions platform. Enabling E&I member pricing through the JAGGAER solution provides increased buying power and significant cost savings. E&I supplier catalogs now available for member use include:

  • Punchout Catalog Details >
  • Hosted Catalog Details >
  • Punchout & Hosted Catalog Details >

E&I members may access up to 10 of these catalogs without charge. To use any of these catalogs via JAGGAER, E&I members can request that their JAGGAER Client Partner add the catalog into their JAGGAER system. Once the catalog has been added, utilization can begin. There is no additional cost for using the E&I contract catalogs and no need to use one of the JAGGAER catalog packs.

JAGGAER’s strategic procurement solutions are modular, delivering a completely customized solution based on the member institution’s specific needs. JAGGAER augments existing procurement processes with automation solutions and supplier enablement. This can improve customer service and provide a 5–20% cost savings.

For the latest procurement resources, supply chain news, and more, check out the JAGGAER blog.

This Lead Public Agency (LPA) agreement is adopted from the competitively solicited University of Florida Invitation to Negotiate (ITN) #ITN07LD-182.

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E&I JAGGAER Contract

Getting Started

For more information about JAGGAER’s multiple offerings, please fill out this Request for Information form. Processing this form may take 4 to 7 business days.

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