Jamail & Smith Construction Contract

Jamail & Smith Construction

Jamail & Smith Construction, L.P. has been a major contributor to the Texas construction industry for over 30 years. Jamail & Smith is a small company with large company capabilities, delivering the benefits of JOC work to help avoid the expensive and time-consuming task of individually bidding every project.

Jamail & Smith is a performance-based contract, and is staffed, trained, and positioned to offer the most responsive and competitive JOC services. The company delivers work not only on time, but also within budget and to each client’s specifications.

Contract Highlights:
  • Commitment to safety
  • Green building philosophy
  • Experienced JOC personnel
  • Job order management plan
  • Project notification, preliminary planning, and cost estimating
  • Joint site visits to assess the scope of work
  • Post project evaluations for continued satisfaction

This contract is available to E&I members in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.

This contract was the result of a competitive solicitation based on E&I’s RFP #683318.

E&I Jamail & Smith Construction Contract

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