E&I Jamail & Smith Construction Contract

Jamail & Smith Construction

Jamail & Smith Construction, L.P. has been a major contributor to the Texas construction industry for over 30 years. Jamail & Smith is a small company with large company capabilities, delivering the benefits of JOC work to help avoid the expensive and time-consuming task of individually bidding every project.

As a performance-based contract, the company is staffed, trained, and positioned to offer the most responsive and competitive JOC services. Jamail & Smith delivers work on time, within budget, and to each client’s specifications.

Contract Highlights:
  • Commitment to safety
  • Green building philosophy
  • Experienced JOC personnel
  • Job order management plan
  • Project notification, preliminary planning, and cost estimating
  • Joint site visits to assess the scope of work
  • Post project evaluations for continued satisfaction

This contract is available to E&I members in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas.

This contract was the result of a competitive solicitation based on E&I’s RFP #683318.

E&I Jamail & Smith Construction Contract

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