Contract Number: CNR01512
Contract Date: 08/01/2020 – 07/31/2025
Agreement: Competitive
Renewals: 1 5-year renewal remaining
eProcurement: N/A
RFP Number & Name: 683454 / Interior Design & Ergonomic Accessories

Moving Minds

Dedicated to physical activity in the classroom, the Moving Minds contract includes a comprehensive product assortment of active seats and desks, classroom activities, and fidget busters. Moving Minds guarantees fast or free shipping, with in-stock items delivered within 4 days ARO and an unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Moving Minds is dedicated to helping increase physical activity in the classroom by providing kinesthetic and active furniture. E&I members not only benefit from a portfolio of institutional-quality furniture, but also helping their learners thrive in classrooms and other learning spaces.

Contract Highlights
  • Comprehensive product assortment from active seats and desks to classroom activities and fidget busters
  • Innovative, high quality, one-of-a-kind exclusive products
  • Fast or free shipping guaranteed, with in-stock items delivered within 4 days ARO
  • Unconditional 100% satisfaction guarantee on all items
  • Superior customer service team with experience helping students for over 70 years

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