Contract Number: EI00328
Contract Date: 09/01/2023 – 07/31/2028
Agreement: Competitive
Renewals: 1 5-year renewal remaining
eProcurement: N/A
RFP Number & Name: EI00207~2023RFP / Uniforms, Uniform Services, & Other Products & Services


The Prudential Overall Supply contract provides best-in-class uniforms, related products, and laundering and other services. Their uniform and textile rental, lease, and direct sale programs ensure that your institution always has access to high-quality products and services. Members will experience Prudential’s dedication to the finest materials workmanship and reliability in the industry.

Prudential Overall Supply has been supplying uniforms, uniform services, and related products and services for nearly a century. They provide a variety of work apparel to various departments on campus, including uniforms, shirts, pants, jackets, safety garments, and lab coats. Prudential products are available for rental, lease, or purchase, and can be customized to meet your institution’s branding and design requirements. Linen and facility rental services, as well as Prudential Cleanroom Services, are available as needed.

Contract Highlights
  •  Prudential Cleanroom Services (PCS) provides pharmaceutical, electronic, and biotechnology apparel for aseptic, particulate, and ESD controlled environments
  • PCS is a world leader in cleanroom laundry systems, and is ISO9001 certified for its Quality Management System
  • All PCS garment processing facilities are validated for sterile garment processing
  • Linen and facility rental services include floor mats, mops, towels, restroom supplies, gloves, and cleaning chemicals
  • Prudential Overall Supply is committed to National Account Management throughout North America
  • The Customer Portal service puts all your account information at your fingertips
  • Paper and other restroom supplies are available as direct sale products or managed via just-in-time inventory programs


Prudential Overall Supply is committed to environmental stewardship and using resources responsibly. By choosing Prudential you are choosing a TRSA Clean Green Certified Industrial Laundry Provider. They use less water and energy through high-capacity washing, drying, and finishing equipment, which makes Prudential’s

Clean Green processes far more efficient than non-certified processes. By choosing their reusable textiles over disposable products, your institution is making the responsible and greener choice.

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