E&I SSB Contract


SSB provides data integration, management, and visualization through consulting services, offering institutions a transformative understanding of target audiences in athletics, advancement, alumni relations, development, foundations, student affairs, and much more. By using E&I’s competitively solicited SSB contract, leaders and administrators to make informed decisions, communicate effectively, and drive improved performance.

SSB provides access to a data ecosystem that will deliver results aligned with your institution’s goals.

Contract highlights:
  • Make effective decisions on engagement
  • Communicate effectively with constituents
  • Drive improved performance in fundraising, ticket sales, donations, and more
  • Meet financial goals
  • Improve recruitment, student success, and fundraising

Internally, SSB helps institutions improve the speed and quality of decision making, align departmental goals and metrics, and break down communications silos. For external audiences, SSB helps you ensure you are delivering the right message, at the right time, to the right person, while supporting student performance and progress, fundraising growth, consistency, and much more.

This contract was solicited from E&I’s RFP #683412 in conjunction with the Cooperative’s Athletics Strategy Team.

E&I SSB Contract

Getting Started

To start utilizing the SSB contract or to request more information, please complete this online form. Processing may take 4 to 7 business days.