E&I STERIS Contract


As a world leader in infection prevention, contamination control, surgical and critical care technologies, STERIS protects the integrity of your science research efforts. The E&I STERIS contract brings members high performance equipment, validation services, installation, maintenance, and remote monitoring.

Contract Highlights:
  • Special equipment discounts and product support, as well as installation and maintenance services
  • Life Sciences Capital Equipment – Steam sterilizers, biocontainment systems, glassware washers, Vaporized Hydrogen Peroxide equipment, optional accessories and training
  • Replacement Parts (at time of initial purchase order only)
  • Green Initiatives with Product Enhancements – Descal-a-matic, water conservation kits, vacuum pumps, insulation kits and remote equipment monitoring on some systems
  • Services – Preventative maintenance; installation and deinstallation at the time of equipment purchase
  • Standard training and set up is included upon equipment purchase
E&I STERIS Contract

Getting Started

To begin using the contract immediately, please complete this Letter of Participation form. Processing this form may take 4-7 business days.