E&I is excited to announce the award of a new five-year laboratory supplies and services contract (CNR01459) with VWR, part of Avantor, effective July 1, 2018. As part of the award, the current contract (CNR01163) is further extended for all Members enrolled as of June 30, 2018 through December 30, 2019, to allow for a smooth transition. During this transition period VWR and E&I will educate membership on the new contract tiers and value, and how it aligns to organizational goals. Sargent Welch and Ward’s Science products are available via E&I’s VWR contract.

Acquired by Avantor in 2017 as a wholly-owned subsidiary, VWR serves as a leading global provider of product and service solutions to laboratory and production customers in the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, industrial, education, government, and healthcare industries.

The combined company is a trusted end-to-end partner to customers and suppliers from discovery to delivery. With operations in over 30 countries and a diverse portfolio that includes over 4 million branded and manufactured products, VWR enables customer success through innovation, cGMP manufacturing, and comprehensive service offerings.

Collectively, they set science in motion to create a better world.

Contract Highlights:E&I VWR Contract
  • Tiered participation levels (basic, co-primary, and primary)
  • Exclusive general discount structure for E&I members
  • Standalone programs (exclusive of furniture)
  • Tiered market basket
  • Member-specific hotlist
  • Access to additional services and technological tools
  • Custom pricing options and incentives

The VWR Catalog is available as part of E&I’s ESM and JAGGAER offerings.

This contract was the result of a competitive solicitation based on E&I RFP #683309 for Laboratory Supplies & Services.

For more information on the new VWR/E&I contract CNR01459, please contact your E&I Member Relations Representative or Liz Loughlin, VWR Area Vice President, East, Education & Medical Research and National Accounts, via email or at (347) 244.5864.

Getting Started

Tiered Programs

Basic Program
Sign up for the Basic Tier Program by completing this E&I/VWR Basic Tier Letter of Participation.

Co-Primary/Primary Program
To sign up for the Co-Primary or Primary Tier program, please contact your E&I Member Relations Representative or Linda Lavigne, VWR Director National Accounts and Business Development, via email or at (801) 243.0227.

To be considered to participate as an Affiliate Member associated with an existing VWR contract participant (and receive existing member pricing per the E&I/VWR Supplier Agreement), please complete the E&I/VWR Affiliate Program Letter of Participation. This is not a standalone program but an affiliation agreement with an existing tier (Basic, Co-Prime or Primary) Member.

Standalone Programs:
E&I and VWR offer a Standalone Furniture Program designed to assist members with the acquisition of laboratory furniture. This program does not require participation in the scientific supplies contract. To participate, please complete and sign the E&I/VWR Furniture Program Letter of Participation form.

E&I and VWR offer a Standalone Exclusive Program designed to assist members with the acquisition of VWR-branded laboratory supplies. To participate in the Standalone E&I VWR Exclusive Program, please complete and sign the E&I VWR Exclusives Letter of Participation form.

More Information:
If, after reviewing the comprehensive contract summary, you would like more information on pricing, incentives and terms, please initiate the RFI process by completing and submitting the online Request for Information form to receive the NDA.

A non-disclosure agreement (NDA) between VWR and E&I members must be signed prior to release of pricing and incentive information, for the new contract CNR01459. Should your state prohibit the signature of an NDA, please contact Mike Costigan at mcostigan@eandi.org or Liz Loughlin at liz_loughlin@vwr.com to formally document this exception.

Contract documentation is solely available to E&I members when logged in. Please log in to view all contract documentation files.