Smart Technology & Sustainability

How Facilities Managers Can Use Smart Tech to Support Sustainability
by Rob Gallant, General Manager at Carrier Enterprise

Supplier Spotlight: Nikon Instruments, Inc.

An Interview with Jacquelyn Perry at Nikon
by E&I Cooperative Services

Developing Your Diverse Suppliers

It's More Than a Nice To-Do
by Veronica Cook-Euell, Supplier Diversity Program Manager at Kent State University

Spend Data in Education

A Flashlight in the Dark
by Chris Jarvis, Mike Fox & Ralph Maier of E&I

Adjudication Services

A Background Check Program's Hidden Gem
by Lewis Lustman, Content Marketer at HireRight

Buying Computer & Network Equipment

Why Resellers are the Answer for Tech Procurement
by Keith Fowlkes, E&I Vice President, Technology Category

The Virtual Reality Academe

An Enterprise Technology Shift in the Coming Decade
by Keith Fowlkes, E&I Vice President, Technology Category

Ensure Strategic Procurement on Campus

9 Tips for Optimizing Your Strategy in 2018
by Gary Link, CPM, SVP of E&I Consulting Group

A Race to Zero

The New Normal in Educational Procurement
by Bill Cooper, Associate VP & CPO at Uni. of California

A Farewell to Revenue in Higher Ed

How Collaboration Helps Institutions Stay Afloat
by Tom Fitzgerald, CEO of E&I Cooperative Services