Metal Restoration: Combining Applicator Expertise with the Correct Material Choice

Any surface —  be it metal, stone, or wood — will inevitably deteriorate over time if they are not maintained correctly. Exposure to a variety of environmental conditions, usage, and incorrect maintenance not only affects the aesthetical look of these surfaces or objects, but also impacts their underlying structure.

Aesthetically Impaired & Degraded Metal Surfaces? Help is at Hand!

Restoring aesthetically impaired and degraded surfaces to their near-original look and composition requires expertise. While the choice of the right expertise and contractor for restoration projects is important, the use of the right materials for the restoration work is equally crucial. With a variety of products available in the marketplace with associated claims on their efficacy, the application expertise of the ultimate user, i.e., the contractor, is critical to ensure the longevity claims made by the product manufacturer are achieved and maintained.

Combining Expertise in Application with Great Products for Every Type of Need

At Stuart Dean, we research products and put them through a variety of field tests, including the ease of applicability, before they are used at client locations. Stuart Dean works with various coatings manufacturers including Everbrite Coatings, PPG, and APV Engineered Coatings.

Restoration Solutions for a Variety of Metals and Surface Finishes

Our coatings-partner companies manufacture a variety of products that can be used on many types and finishes of metal surfaces and objects. Metal types from brass, copper, and bronze to stainless steel, aluminum, and others, with surface finishes such as painted, anodized, and polished can tarnish, oxidize, corrode, or fade over time. Restoring these surfaces to a finish of your choice requires both the expertise of an experienced restorer and applicator and indeed the use of appropriate, task-related products. The combination of Stuart Dean’s expertise gained over decades-long work — since 1932 in fact! — along with the choices available from the coatings-partner companies’ suite of products makes restoration projects achievable and to client satisfaction.

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