Process for E&I Members to Sell and Purchase IPv4 Addresses Through Hilco Streambank

The Basics

There are three ways for your institution to sell or buy IPv4 address blocks with Hilco Streambank (Hilco) through the E&I contract:

  • Through a live auction on Hilco’s website
  • With a “buy now” offering on Hilco’s website
  • By private support through a direct conversation with a Hilco staff member

To Sell or Buy Online

  • To begin, one must register with the online marketplace. Registration is easy.
  • Once registered, sellers can submit their offering online in one easy step – just submit the block description
  • Once a block is purchased, the purchase price is held in escrow so that money is transferred only when the IP addresses have been transferred (credit cards are accepted for many purchases)
  • Hilco manages the transfer of registrations of the IP addresses with registrars – the official entities responsible for recording the registration and use of IP addresses
  • Funds are released when the transfer is completed. Closing timing generally varies from a few weeks to two months

To Request Direct Support

  • Email questions or support requests to
  • Call Nazarii Soltys at Hilco directly at 516.252.3024 and let him know you’re an E&I member

Additional Sales and Purchase Transaction Details

Smaller sales (/24-/19) and purchase transactions by Hilco go through their online IPv4 auction marketplace. When multiple offerings of the same block size are available, transactions are placed “in line” and posted in the order they are submitted. Multiple “buy now” offerings are posted simultaneously. Blocks may take up to two weeks to be listed for sale. The average timeframe to be listed is ten days, though it varies based on how much inventory is available.

  • Hilco will help sellers of large address blocks decide whether to break them into smaller blocks or sell them as-is, depending on the current market dynamics.
  • Auctions are usually scheduled to close within 2-5 business days, although large blocks may remain in auction longer to maximize bidding opportunities. If a listing expires with no bids or bids below the threshold acceptable to the seller, Hilco will advise the seller on whether to alter the threshold or the listing to include a “buy now” option. Alternatively, the block can be relisted for sale.
  • Hilco has relationships with buyers worldwide, and for large blocks (/18 or larger), Hilco will reach out to known active buyers to provide them with an opportunity to bid—which benefits buyers and sellers

Once an address block is provided to Hilco, the average time from signing a Hilco Streambank Engagement Agreement to sale is two weeks or less. The average time from the sale to the funds being received by the seller is 5-6 weeks.

Learn More

A general introduction to sales and purchases through Hilco

An overview of the basic process of buying and selling IPv4 addresses is available here.


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