Why the Stirling Freezer is Your Best Option to Support Sustainability

Did you know? 

Besides data centers, laboratories consume more energy per floor space than any other type of facility. The Stirling Freezer can help.

Why the Stirling Freezer through VWR is Your Best Option:

  • Three-week lead time
  • Maximize storage in a smaller physical footprint
  • Reduce HVAC load
  • Limit your laboratory’s energy draw
  • Apply for regional energy utility rebates of up to $2,500, depending on freezer location
  • Gain temperature flexibility along -20°C to -86°C — one system to do it all

Contact your VWR Representative today to get started, and learn more about E&I’s competitively solicited contract with Avantor, delivered by VWR.

Watch: Breakthrough Ultra-Low Freezer Technology from Stirling Ultracold


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