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Are You Prepared for the New DOE SEER2 Efficiency Standards?

Big Changes to the HVAC Industry in 2023

Big changes are coming to the HVAC industry in 2023, as new Department of Energy SEER2 (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio 2) efficiency standards will go into place at this time. HVAC professionals are responsible for staying on top of industry changes as they occur, but with so many different nuances and regulations associated with new SEER2 testing procedures it can be challenging to keep up.

CE is committed to helping HVAC professionals prepare for new SEER2 standards as they come into play across the United States on January 1, 2023. Here is some helpful information so you can understand these upcoming industry changes.

What SEER2 Means for You

The new SEER2 testing and rating system will raise all HVAC equipment’s external static pressure testing conditions by a factor of 5 to create a more realistic and accurate testing environment. Starting on January 1, 2023, all commercial air conditioning and heat pump equipment from 65,000 btu/h to 760,000 btu/h will require an additional 15% efficiency increase from the existing ratings set in 2018. These changes will affect all HVAC equipment ranging from air conditioning units and heat pumps to gas furnaces, evaporator coils, and single-packaged units. In 2023, there will not be any changes to the testing procedures mandated for commercial air conditioners and heat pumps greater than 65,000 btu/h.

The purpose of new SEER2 efficiency standards is to provide HVAC professionals and HVAC consumers with more accurate insights into a system’s overall efficiency. From there, HVAC manufacturers will be empowered to create more energy-efficient systems and technologies. All air conditioning and heat pump systems must be renovated by January 1, 2023, even if they meet current SEER ratings. Since the new testing requirements are more stringent and reduce the resulting efficiency rating, there will be new metrics and nomenclature — SEER2, EER2 and HSPF2. On the same system, compared to SEER ratings, the new SEER2 ratings will be lower, and the minimum efficiencies will be reduced to account for the more difficult test procedure required for 2023 products.

Navigating Change

In addition to the SEER changes, there will be refrigerant changes in the coming years. CE will help guide E&I members through the changes.

The bottom line is to develop a master facility plan, procure the right equipment, and secure the labor to get the job done. CE offers simple supply chain solutions – these are the areas that their value proposition impacts and how they do it. CE helps you save time and money, improve productivity, mitigate risk, and increase profitability.

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