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Modern Seating Solutions for the Future of Education

Five Characteristics of a Future-Focused Lecture Hall, Auditorium or Classroom

When you hear the word future, what comes to mind?

For most, the future evokes a sense of optimism. We view it with hope. We see it as a frontier full of opportunities. We believe it will be better than the present. Whether we think about the next month, the next year or the next decade, the future always seems to be brighter.

Now, let’s apply this to the classroom. What does a forward-thinking learning environment look like? What enhancements can be made? How can the learner’s experience be enriched through the seats, the tables and the functionality of each? How can the space be optimized?

Seating manufacturers like Sedia Systems are future focused, innovating for the next generation of lecture halls and auditoriums. When we design and build contemporary fixed seating solutions for education, we keep 5 key characteristics in mind to ensure we are maximizing the potential of the classroom and your budget while modernizing and enhancing the education space.

Five Characteristics of a Future-Focused Lecture Hall, Auditorium or Classroom

1. Collaboration

Over the decades, learning has become increasingly collaborative. Moving away from individual desks, flat floors and all eyes facing forward, modern lecture halls are taking a different approach. From the subtle radial row configurations to circular auditoriums to chairs that swing and swivel, contemporary learning environments are encouraging engagement among students, group work and collaboration in the classroom.

2. Convenience

Students and educators relish convenience. One of the most convenient features to add to any new fixed seating installation is USB and power outlets – or, as we call it, wire management.

Wire management is an essential add-on feature for seating in universities and colleges renovating lecture hall spaces. We’ve all been down to the last percentage of juice on our tablet, laptop or mobile device without a power source in sight! With students typing notes on their computers or recording professors’ lectures, wire management is a critical custom feature that value for your end users that provides support while helping them stay seated with easily accessible outlets.

That brings us to another convenient feature – tablet arms. Every learning environment should have a surface to work on. Today, that is easily achieved by adding a tablet arm to your auditorium seating, adding a stand-alone tablet or adding tables to accompany lecture hall seating.

Lecture halls, auditoriums and classrooms of the future will make learning easier. Because personal tech devices are not only the norm but also a requirement to earn a degree in most circumstances, facilities that seamlessly accommodate that technology will be ready for the future.

3. Functional Design

Auditorium and lecture hall seating should be both functional, intentional, and artfully designed. Yes, you really can have both! Contemporary fixed seating is sleek, sophisticated and sculptural, but also comfortably supportive and practical in use. With customizable options and add-on features, there’s a seating solution for every campus’ design aesthetic.

4. Sustainability

As a leading manufacturer of lecture hall and auditorium furnishings, Sedia Systems prioritizes sustainability and environmental stewardship. We offer numerous options to integrate recycled materials and renewable resources into our products and packaging, are certified for Forest Stewardship Council Chain-of-Custody and our products are also certified Clean Air Gold.

5. Maximizing Seating Capacity

Seating for the future of education maximizes space without crowding a room. From the V8000 to the Beam Series and the award-winning JumpSeat Collection, Sedia Systems has unique styles that can be mixed and matched to optimize capacity for your lecture hall or auditorium. For example, JumpSeat Wall is a compact seating solution and can be installed along the wall of any room to increase capacity as needed.

Planning for the Future of Education

Whether you need to maximize space, meet sustainability requirements or optimize the usability of a lecture hall or auditorium for decades to come, our team delivers. Sedia Systems can help you plan and prepare for the future of education by offering custom seating solutions for your next project.

Looking for more information? Explore Sedia System’s case studies and resources tailored for higher education facilities planning.

Would you like for someone to guide you through the options and highlight the differentiators? Talk with a seating expert today!

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A leading manufacturer of fixed seating solutions, Sedia Systems has been providing educational institutions with innovative and distinctly designed lecture hall and auditorium furniture since 2004.


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