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Not All Purchasing Cooperatives Are Created Equal

By E&I Cooperative Services

E&I Cooperative Services is different from the rest. Why do we say that?

E&I is the only national purchasing cooperative focused exclusively on the needs of the education community. These are very different from state and local government needs.

We were formed as a true cooperative by educational institutions, for educational institutions.

We remain the only member-driven, non-profit cooperative in the market governed by a board of your peers. We aggregate the collective purchasing power of 5,000 members. We offer a comprehensive portfolio of contracts designed for education with market-leading suppliers across a range of product and service categories.

We provide superior service to all institutions, large or small, public or private. This winning combination allows us to deliver high-value contracts and drive cost savings.

Our competitive solicitation process includes the input of our members, and it’s NIGP-validated, so no need to worry about conducting your own time-consuming RFPs. We act as an extension of your procurement department, so you can spend your time on more strategic initiatives.

E&I has created a community of members, suppliers, associations, and employees that you can tap into for collective expertise, insights, best practices, and purchasing power.

We also have a national field-based team of higher ed and K-12 Member Representatives to provide you with unrivaled customer service and support. Your success is our top priority. 98.7% of members are very satisfied with E&I.

E&I is a dedicated partner that brings you valuable contracts, a community of like-minded professionals, and the attention you deserve. We understand your needs better than anyone because education is our only focus.

Not all cooperatives are created equal. E&I is the only cooperative created for you.


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