Our members have the ability to impact generations with original ideas and effort, especially when it comes to the environment. That’s why E&I is committed to helping you reach your sustainability goals.

Running your campus with less impact on the natural world is a priority, but it’s more than just recycling and energy conservation. You face challenges like achieving climate neutrality, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and providing effective education and research on climate change. We want to support your sustainability commitment in every way possible, so we have an portfolio of suppliers dedicated to providing high-quality environmentally preferable products and services. We’ve also mandated sustainable terms and conditions in all of our contracts.

Benchmarks for these contracts include:
  • Product specifications for LEEDs credits
  • Sustainable practices such as green manufacturing processes
  • Third party certifications
  • Descriptions of re-use and recycling programs
  • Indicating a preference for local dealer use to install and maintain products where possible

For more information on sustainability options available from E&I suppliers, contact Judy Schaffer, E&I’s Vice President, General Products & Interiors.

Sustainable Suppliers for Schools

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