Security Solutions for Education

Security incidents at U.S. schools and universities have become all too commonplace in recent years. In today’s challenging landscape, institutions must remain vigilant with regard to taking adequate security measures and improving emergency preparedness in all areas of the school or campus.

We Can Help

As your member-owned purchasing cooperative, E&I wants to do all it can to help members approach security more strategically. This includes everything from IT and cybersecurity, to campus policing, background checks, and emergency response readiness, and beyond.

A Broad Portfolio of Security Offerings

Many of the suppliers in our portfolio offer products and services that can be combined effectively to protect institutions from threats of all kinds – both physical and digital. These can include hardware such as window and door locks, reinforced glass and entryways, and ballistic barriers, to advanced solutions like surveillance equipment, biometric scanners, networking equipment, radio and communications, trained security personnel, IT consulting and security services, and even background checks, among other things.

A major advantage of E&I’s security portfolio

Security Portfolio

  is that all contracts have been awarded in a competitive solicitation process. So, you’re not just looking at price and cost savings – but time to market, and the ability to move fast and mitigate risk. That becomes critical when looking to plan proactively, as well as when needing to respond in real time to evolving threats, crises, or protocols.

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Contact us today for insights into planning your campus security strategy and to learn how E&I contracts can help. And please review the various security assets and collateral on this page for more information on important security topics.