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E&I Member Representative Team

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Mary Sue Goldwater Executive Director, Compliance
Mark Cartwright Director, Supplier Diversity

Member Solutions - Category Teams

Facilities, Financial Services & Culinary
Saul Alvarado Vice President, Facilities, Financial Services & Culinary
David Manz Business Development Manager, Facilities
Jennifer Nisbet Business Development Manager, Financial Services & Culinary
David Ott Business Development Manager, Facilities
General Products, Services & Interiors, Athletics, and Travel
Judy Schaffer Vice President, General Products, Services & Interiors, Athletics and Travel
Joseph Castelluccio Business Development Manager, General Products & Services
Paul Harris Business Development Manager, Athletics & Culinary
Tina Smith Business Development Manager, Interiors
Research & Academic Healthcare
James Finn Vice President, Research & Academic Healthcare
Michael Costigan Business Development Manager, Research & Academic Healthcare
Lindsay Taylor Business Development Manager, Research & Academic Healthcare
Keith Fowlkes Vice President, Technology
Michael Mast Business Development Manager, Technology

Member Solutions - Innovation, Optimization & Solutions

Erin Riley Senior Vice President, Innovation, Optimization & Solutions
Doug Cox Vice President, Innovation, Optimization & Solutions
Helga Strobel-Pedisich Director, Innovation, Optimization & Solutions
Chris Jarvis Director, Spend Analytics & Market Intelligence
Michael Fox Manager, Sourcing Insights & Analytics
Drake Hoover Strategic Sourcing Analyst
Charlise Washington Strategic Sourcing Analyst
Eric Miller Strategic Sourcing Analyst
Jacob Giannini Strategic Sourcing Analyst
Melek Yazici-Ucar Strategic Sourcing Analyst
Nicole Mandelkorn Strategic Sourcing Analyst
Wu Chen Strategic Sourcing Analyst

Member Solutions - Sourcing & Contracts

Ian Robbins Vice President, Sourcing & Contracts
Sanjay Patel Sourcing Operations
Casey Laurienzo Director, Contract Operations
Danielle Ali Contract System Manager
Christine Belzer Contract Manager, Research & Academic Healthcare
Catherine Goglia Contract Manager, IT
James LoGrasso Contract Manager, General Products & Interiors
Stephanie Moore Contract Manager, Athletics, Culinary, & Services
Bob Solak Contract Manager, Facilities
Colin Anderson Vice President, Member Engagement
Cathy Boyd E-Procurement Executive Advisor
Andrew Brennan Senior Sourcing Consultant
Meaghan Mulligan Senior Sourcing Consultant
Jill Schunk Senior Sourcing Consultant
Phil Goldman Regional Vice President – East
Kristin Ferrufino Sourcing Consultant
Matthew Larson Sourcing Consultant
Matthew Sirinek Sourcing Consultant
Mike Einhorn Sourcing Consultant
Walter Wickersham Sourcing Consultant
Susan Peters Regional Vice President – West
Barbara Amosson Sourcing Consultant
Nancy Murray Sourcing Consultant
Nate Termaat Sourcing Consultant
Ricky Wooten Sourcing Consultant
James Lampe Vice President, Member Success

Member Management

Mary Mellett Membership Manager

Member Success

Kari Antman Member Success Manager
Starla Ford Member Success Manager
Yvette Heflin Member Success Manager
Brit Isaacs Member Success Manager
Anthony Jackson Member Success Manager
James Stone Member Success Manager

Member Experience

Sara Deering Director, Member Experience