athleticsFrom field and stadium requirements to travel and sports accessories, E&I is your one-stop shop for all athletics solutions. With direct input from our contract specialists, our athletics portfolio ensures comprehensive support and purchase convenience, as well as customized solutions and programs.

As long as your institution is an active E&I member, you can access this diverse athletics portfolio, which includes:

  • Lower costs on wide range of athletic equipment, supplies and services
  • Access to services from the leading companies in collegiate athletics
  • Contracts that you need to drive revenue and cut costs
  • Customized solutions and programs including: Athletic program travel, asset valuation, multimedia rights, sponsorships, ticket and premium seating sales support, and facility development.

Athletics_2016Our suppliers are acknowledged leaders in the industry, with reputations built on product excellence and top-notch service. Check out the E&I athletics portfolio today!

For more information on E&I’s athletics specific agreements, please contact, E&I’s Portfolio Support Executive – Diversified Products & ServicesJennifer Nisbet.