How Much Does it Cost to Conduct My Own Bid/RFP Process?

Strategic Spend Assessments are consultative processes where E&I analyzes your spend data to help you make strategic decisions

Bid/RFP Tracking Project Kicks Off! Have you ever wondered how much it costs to conduct your own bid/RFP process? The answer is on the horizon! The National Cooperative Procurement Partners (NCPP) Association is sponsoring a nationwide research project for at least 100 agencies to conduct their own bids or RFPs and track the time spent […]

Reinvent the Way You Manage Inventory with Solutions from Avantor®

Avantor, delivered by VWR provides lab supplies for higher education and k-12 schools through the E&I contract

Reinvent the Way You Manage Inventory with Solutions from Avantor® Inventory Manager: Your Lab Inventory Management Software Solution What Can Inventory Manager Do For Your Lab? The next generation of our online inventory software system offers real-time insights into your lab supplies. Now you can worry less about overstocks and stockouts and focus more on […]

Smarter Receiving: Technology for Inbound Package Management

E&I Pitney Bowes Contract for shipping and mailing services

Smarter Receiving: Technology for Inbound Package Management With students spending an estimated $8.6 billion shopping online, not to mention care packages and other important items, package management in campus mailrooms is critical to day-to-day operations. The sheer volume of parcel deliveries can quickly overwhelm staff and lead to misplaced packages and inconvenient long package pick-lines. […]

No Time for Downtime

E&I Batteries Plus contract for smart device repair services

No Time for Downtime: Smart Device Repair Services from Batteries Plus Does your Organization Rely on Phones or Tablets? Save yourself the cost of replacing your broken devices by repairing them instead. Batteries Plus offers fast, affordable device repair for your professional devices. Plus, you’ll receive additional savings through the E&I contract. Reach out to […]

HVAC Changes that will Impact E&I Members

Multiple HVAC fan units on a commercial building rooftop with a sunset in the background

HVAC Changes That Will Impact E&I Members Carrier Enterprise Can Help Make Sure You Are Prepared CE is committed to helping HVAC professionals prepare for industry changes by being the key resource to help members understand these industry changes. For example, there will be refrigerant changes in the coming years. The opportunities are outlined below. […]

What Keeps You Up at Night?

E&I suppliers help higher ed and k12 schools prepare for and respond to wildfires, droughts and natural disasters

What Keeps You Up at Night? Many incidents could trigger an event that closes school for days if not weeks. Are you prepared and ready? GRS Disaster Response (GRS) was created to service the needs of Gilbane and GRS clients when their facilities are damaged due to both natural and man-made disasters. Regardless of your […]

Best Practices in Preparation for the Technology Buying Season

E&I SIG contract for technology consulting and staffing services

Best Practices in Preparation for the Technology Buying Season The technology purchasing cycle for education is not set in stone, but there are several stages that help make it successful for purchasing professionals each year. Stages may overlap, solutions often need to be purchased at different times during the year, and incremental products and services […]

Response Times: Moving to the Bottom of “The List”

Response Times: Moving to the Bottom of “The List” Many times, when a lab elects to transfer their equipment maintenance to Specialty Underwriters, there can be a concern regarding response times under the program and priority of their service requests. It is expected that the vendor will continue to provide a high level of service and […]

Flexibility at Your Fingertips

Flexibility at Your Fingertips One of the many benefits of using SU’s comprehensive equipment maintenance management program is the flexibility. As a neutral supplier, you can utilize any qualified vendor of your choice to service your covered equipment. And since your agreement is with Specialty Underwriters, you can easily change service vendors under the program […]