Best Practices in Preparation for the Technology Buying Season

The technology purchasing cycle for education is not set in stone, but there are several stages that help make it successful for purchasing professionals each year. Stages may overlap, solutions often need to be purchased at different times during the year, and incremental products and services are added as needed.

There are several things to consider when purchasing technology, including:

  • Long-term sustainability: Aging devices should be replaced or upgraded if possible. Consider initiatives like buyback programs that convert old technology to cash while enabling you to protect student data and stay on budget.
  • Efficiency: Prior to purchasing, make sure the technology supports your desired learning outcomes.
  • How technology works with current systems and infrastructure: You’ll need to be sure the technology won’t require a major upgrade in your systems or infrastructure to support them—unless upgrades are part of the overall plan.
  • Security: Device security is of utmost importance. In this age where hacking, phishing, and cyberattacks are becoming commonplace at education institutions nationwide, be sure cybersecurity is at the top of the list for all of your systems and devices.

In preparation for the buying season, it is good practice to:

  • Check your inventory of devices on hand, how long they’re expected to last, and protections in place
  • Consider adding helpful accessories
  • Get feedback from users
  • Forecast early to secure inventory
  • Leverage upfront purchase commitments to negotiate pricing

Benefits of Starting the Buying Process Soon

Many of our members are now in the research stage of the purchasing cycle. With supply chain issues still existing in some areas, it may be beneficial to start the buying process now. So reach out your suppliers to be sure you’ll have the solutions you need — when you need them.

During each stage, E&I and our technology suppliers are here to answer questions, provide information, and help you find success.

Our suppliers are here to help.

Carahsoft, CDW-G, Connection, AVI-SPL, D2L, IVCi, Mythics, and Strata Information Group provide the cloud services and related hardware and software solutions you need for the buying season and year-round.


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