Understanding the Latest Advancements in Coatings Technology

School hallway with Sherwin-Williams paint on the walls and ceiling

Selecting Paint is More than Just Aesthetics & Durability By Sherwin-Williams Today, aesthetics and durability are not the only considerations when specifying paint. There are several new, unique, and innovative features that are important to understand before selecting product for the next project. Enhanced Indoor Air Quality and Elimination of Odors Technologically advanced paints improve […]

The Truth Behind the Myths About EMMPs

Equipment maintenance professional writing service notes on a clipboard

6 Common Myths Surrounding EMMPs & the Truth Behind Them By Specialty Underwriters Over time, studies have explored the universal nature of myth creation. Many scholars agree that their key function is to bridge a logical gap. That said, it’s only natural that there would be countless myths surrounding equipment maintenance management programs (EMMPs). Programs […]

Video: Why E&I is Different

Group of diverse business professionals laughing and smiling

Not All Purchasing Cooperatives Are Created Equal By E&I Cooperative Services E&I Cooperative Services is different from the rest. Why do we say that? E&I is the only national purchasing cooperative focused exclusively on the needs of the education community. These are very different from state and local government needs. We were formed as a […]

Smart Technology & Sustainability

How Facilities Managers Can Use Smart Tech to Support Sustainability Initiatives By Rob Gallant, General Manager, Carrier Enterprise There’s an ancient Greek proverb that states: “A society grows great when old men plant trees whose shade they know they shall never sit in.” Implementing and nurturing sustainability programs on campus is a great way for […]

Supplier Spotlight: Nikon Instruments, Inc.

A spotlight and interview chair

An Interview with Jacquelyn Perry, Contract Administration Manager, Nikon Instruments, Inc. By Kaitlin Sclafani, Marketing & Social Media Specialist, E&I Cooperative Services For over 100 years, Nikon Instruments, Inc. has been a world leader in the development and manufacture of optical and digital imaging technology for biomedical, clinical, and research applications. As the only microscope […]

Spend Data in Education

Procurement professionals analyzing spend data

A Flashlight in the Dark By Chris Jarvis, Mike Fox, and Ralph Maier, E&I Cooperative Services If you find yourself walking in a dark room filled with obstacles, wouldn’t you like to have a flashlight? That flashlight is data – it’s what illuminates that dark room so you can get a handle on your environment. […]

Adjudication Services

Gavel on a table representing adjudication

A Background Check Program’s Hidden Gem By Lewis Lustman, Content Marketer, HireRight A recent HireRight Benchmark Report reveals that the two things keeping hiring professionals up at night are concerns arising from negligent hiring and compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) laws and guidance. Adjudication services help employers ensure that all candidates are measured […]

7 Reasons to Use Cooperative Contracts

Procurement professionals collaborating on strategic planning

It’s Time to Enhance Your Procurement Strategy By E&I Cooperative Services As purchasing requirements for education become more complicated and budgeting constraints become tighter, procurement professionals are continuing to seek innovative ways to deliver savings and efficiencies. This is especially true for educational and related institutions. An important resource in the procurement toolbox, the benefits […]

Developing A Scientific Contract Strategy

Scientist with microscope taking notes

5 Things to Consider Before You Get Started By Laura Perin, former Vice President, Research & Academic Healthcare, E&I Cooperative Services Like any scientific venture, major decisions – especially financial – require thorough research, planning, and strategy for successful implementation. Before you begin developing a contracting strategy for your scientific purchases, consider these 5 key […]

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Diverse hands joined together to work collaboratively

Why it Pays to Engage Your Procurement Department By Tom Fitzgerald, CEO Emeritus, E&I Cooperative Services I recently heard about an interesting presentation given by Mike Rulli, Procurement Specialist at the University of Notre Dame. As part of his presentation, Mike detailed the ways in which Notre Dame’s procurement department has forged a successful collaboration […]