Supplier Spotlight: Nikon Instruments, Inc.

An Interview with Jacquelyn Perry, Contract Administration Manager, Nikon Instruments, Inc.

For over 100 years, Nikon Instruments, Inc. has been a world leader in the development and manufacture of optical and digital imaging technology for biomedical, clinical, and research applications. As the only microscope company to manufacture its own glass, Nikon Instruments ensures the very strictest quality assurance throughout the entire production process.

We recently caught up with Jacquelyn Perry, Contract Administration Manager at Nikon to get her take on this valuable partnership and the benefits available through our competitively awarded agreement.

Tell us a bit about the E&I Nikon Instruments contract. What is the biggest value it brings to the membership?

Nikon Instruments offers a wide selection of microscopy instrumentation and digital imaging solutions for direct purchase under the E&I agreement. We provide state-of -the-art, fully integrated imaging solutions at a competitive price, along with installation and training at no additional charge. We prioritize quality, ease of use, and versatility.

Each E&I member has access to an entire professional support team from Nikon Instruments. In the field there are teams that all work together to ensure the member is getting “the best bang for their buck.” These teams include:

  • A Bioscience Sales Specialist (BSS) who is tasked with supplying applications, demonstrations, installations, training and expertise on every product line at Nikon Instruments.
  • An Advanced Imaging Specialist (AIS) that is highly specialized and trained on our software, third party peripherals, cameras, applicable computers and often serves as the primary support in configuring research systems such as confocal and TIRF systems.
  • An Advanced Biosystems Specialist (ABS) who is an expert of our high-end research systems, multi-photon and super-resolution.

Why is this partnership with E&I important to your organization?

E&I and Nikon Instruments both strive to offer the same level of world class service. Both organizations put the customer first and these shared values are very important to us.

Having this competitively solicited contract in place makes it easier for our sales force to get in front of E&I members, since the E&I name is so well-known. We’ve been able to reach customers that may have otherwise been inaccessible to us. Another important advantage for us is the ability to help members streamline and expedite their procurement processes, which means Nikon can process their shipments in a timely fashion. This contract gives us the chance to get through the door at member institutions, and that’s been invaluable.

How have the teams at E&I and Nikon Instruments been working together to meet the needs of our members?

The E&I Member Representative is a fantastic group of member-focused individuals, and we are extremely excited about the relationships we’re fostering between our organizations – specifically the E&I’s Member Representative and the Nikon Instruments rep. I believe these relationships are the backbone to a successful contract.

E&I members are getting the benefit of the “big picture” by having joint calls with E&I and Nikon Instruments. On one hand, the E&I Member Representative is able to discuss all the benefits of purchasing under the E&I contract, and the Nikon Bioscience Specialist can bring their vast knowledge and expertise about our top-quality products. Both teams work together to offer members a superior experience.

How does Nikon Instruments meet the unique needs of E&I’s members?

Nikon Instruments has revolutionized the world of biological imaging, as evidenced by our latest Ti2 line of inverted research microscopes. We also offer NIS-Elements software solutions which are powerful, easy-to-use, and customizable to meet the application requirements.

Nikon Instruments has the ability to integrate our products with third party products, giving the members many options to fulfill their needs. We are actually the only microscope company to manufacture our own glass. To this day, our master craftsmen hand polish many of our optics, providing a level of precision unmatched by any manufacturing equipment.

What differentiates Nikon Instruments from its competitors?

In addition to the E&I’s Member Representative and Nikon sales representative, Nikon Instruments has additional support personnel that specialize in different areas of microscopy and applications. The extensive research background and experience of each individual on the primary account team ensures that they will understand your needs, recommend the optimal microscopy system, and provide the necessary training to get the maximum use out of your new microscope.

This contract also includes Nikon Authorized Dealers, ensuring that any E&I member, no matter where they are geographically located across the country, will have access to a qualified sales representative who can assist in their purchase of Nikon Instruments products.

What are your future goals for the contract?

Nikon Instruments hopes that we can continue to grow our portfolio of E&I members by promoting what a tremendous savings advantage this contract represents. Whatever application you focus on, Nikon Instruments can help provide the tools you need to open up a world of discovery. Nikon offers more than imaging products, we offer a long-term partnership focused on our mutual success.

About this Contract

The Nikon Instruments contract offers the leading optical and digital imaging technology for biomedical, clinical, and research microscope applications. E&I members have access to proprietary technologies through Nikon Microscope Solutions, the Nikon Instruments unit focused exclusively on serving research education. Advance your research efforts knowing these instruments meet the strictest quality standards.


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