Three Strategies to Transform Your Talent Agenda in the Era of Remote Work

Remote worker using a laptop and smart phone in a cafe

Solutions & Strategies to Help You Harness the Future of Screening & Talent Acquisition By Chelsea Pyrzenski, Chief Human Resources Officer, HireRight This blog originally appeared on HireRight’s blog. If your organization transitioned employees to a remote work environment in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s likely that you have now settled in for the […]

Strategic Higher Education M&A

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Assessing Institutional Readiness By Robert Spencer, Senior Director, Huron This blog originally appeared on Huron Consulting Group’s website. Higher education institutional closures, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have increased over the last two decades as the industry faced mounting financial and enrollment pressures. According to a recent report, global M&A volume in the higher education segment […]

Why Your School Should Recycle Your Old Batteries & Light Bulbs

Colorful used batteries that are ready to be recycled sustainably

Which Products Can be Recycled & How to Get Started By Batteries Plus Bulbs When it comes to recycling old batteries and bulbs, many organizations have questions. It can be confusing determining which particular products can be recycled and how your institution should actually go about recycling them. Here are the whats, wheres and hows […]

6 Myths of Reverse Auctions

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How Modern-Day Full Service Reverse Auctions are Creating an Environment Where Everyone Wins By Krystle Kassab, Director of Global Strategic Sourcing Sales, Procurex When you search for products and services, you want the best price. But when selecting a supplier, you need more than just discounted pricing. You insist on top credit ratings for any […]

12 Challenges Schools are Facing Before Reopening

School administrative professionals in a meeting to discuss the challenges of reopening schools during a pandemic

E&I Members Share Their Insight for the Road Ahead By Kaitlin Sclafani, Manager, SEO and Social Media, E&I Cooperative Services When COVID-19 began making headlines in early 2020, no one could have predicted the pandemic’s impact on educational institutions. Schools are facing more complex challenges than ever before, and they must rise to the occasion […]

COVID-19: What Should Employers Consider as They Draft a Return to Work Policy?

Coworkers exchanging safe greeting in an office with COVID-19 policy in place

Considering the Legal Standards & Guidance Towards a Policy By Alonzo Martinez, Hireright This blog originally appeared on the HireRight blog. With the White House unveiling its guidelines for opening up America again, responsibility has been placed on states and local officials to assess their preparedness to stay ahead of the spread of COVID-19, and […]

COVID-19: Key Considerations for University Communications & Marketing Teams

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Do You Have an Adequate Plan & Necessary Supporting Resources? By Legend Labs The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has provided guidance to U.S. higher education institutions, and various federal government agencies as well as state and local health departments are updating their guidance almost daily. But as a college or university, do […]

Supplier Spotlight: CDW-G

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An Interview with Melissa Deets, Manager – Education, Contract Execution at CDW-G By Michelle Nettuno, Category Marketing Manager, Technology, E&I Cooperative Services Melissa Deets, Manager – Education, Contract Execution at CDW-G, shares the benefits, advantages, and goals of the two technology contracts with E&I. Tell us about the two E&I CDW-G contracts. What do you […]

Fingerprinting-Only Gets a “C” When Conducting Background Checks for K-12 Schools

Close up of fingerprinting technology

But Fingerprinting + a Thorough Background Check is a Prerequisite for Making the Grade By Lewis Lustman, Content Marketer, HireRight When hiring new teachers, K-12 school administrators and parents often take comfort in the safety net of fingerprinting. They see it as a foolproof way to catch individuals who’ve had brushes with the law – […]

The Most Critical Element of a Modern Travel Risk Management Program in Higher Education

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With Travel on the Rise, Risk Management is More Important Than Ever By Steve Lee, Principal Solutions Consultant, Higher Education Practice, SAP Concur The Truth Student, faculty, and staff travel – both domestically and internationally – are on the rise. Whether it’s enrolling in a study abroad program, working on a research project, or attending […]