E&I Airgas Contract


As one of the nation’s leading single-source suppliers of gases, welding and safety supplies, E&I’s Airgas contract offers top-quality products and unmatched expertise. Airgas excels with an integrated network of more than 1,200 locations, including branches, cylinder fill plants and production facilities, specialty gas laboratories, and distribution centers.

The Right Products for the Education/Research Segment
  • Airgas’ unmatched portfolio of products & services:
    • Core specialty lab gases & gas Mixtures
    • Bulk and micro-bulk gases
    • Process chemicals and semiconductor grade gases
    • Dry ice and carbon dioxide
    • Rare gases
    • Industrial gases & welding equipment (Red-D-Arc)
    • Specialty gas equipment
    • Laboratory safety products & PPE
    • Lab design services & custom gas management systems
    • Turnkey cryogenic solutions for life sciences research
    • International cold chain logistics program
    • Customized e-business solutions – B2B or punch-out (JAGGAER, ESM, etc.)
    • On-site and inventory management services – Outlook & TGM
    • Emergency response services
  • Price protection: no minimum increase allowed as well as a capped annual increase
  • Rebate on overall growth year-over-year
  • Total Access program available that helps support E&I members such as small colleges, technical schools without welding programs, and K-12 members. Program established for members spending below $5K annually. Executing a Member Specific Addendum is not required to participate in the Total Access program.

Airgas is available as part of E&I’s ESM and JAGGAER offerings.

E&I Airgas Contract

More Information

Please contact your Member Relations Representative or Michael CostiganBusiness Development Manager, Research & Academic Healthcare.

Getting Started

To start utilizing the Airgas contract or to request more information, please complete the online form. Processing may take 4 to 7 business days.