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An Integrated Solution to Improve Cylinder Gas Management

Challenges, Risks & an Integrated Solution

The Challenge

Managing cylinder gas supplies and avoiding run-outs presents numerous hurdles in the best of times. Restricted access to sites and reduction in on-site activity has created situations where the ability to keep up with gas content, cylinder exchanges, supply management, and reordering is difficult.

There are other compounding issues that create challenges including variations in gas use — especially in shared supply environments. Also, the inherent difficulty of gauging gas use and content remaining make it especially hard to know when exchanges are really needed.

Risk Impacts

Running short of gas has a significant impact on research, analytical, and development activities. Associated risks related to gas run outs include personal and facility safety, equipment damage, loss of research and analytical results, or worse. Impacts of these issues can range from temporarily inconvenient to catastrophic.

And costs, both direct and consequential, can be significant. Standard measures to mitigate risks, including early cylinder exchanges, frequent monitoring and overstocking inventory add to waste and inefficiency while failing to achieve desired results.

An Integrated Solution: Visibility, Control & Savings for Gas

Airgas EZ-GAZ Services provide a comprehensive set of solutions designed to accurately monitor gas usage including:

  • Remote gas use visibility from anywhere via wireless telemetry
  • User-defined pressure alerts for reorder, exchange and critical response
  • Uninterrupted gas supply systems and backup reserve options
  • Simplified ordering and spares management
  • Secure communications and data


The ability to accurately monitor gas use can also help avoid overstocking and optimize operations.

Quantifiable Benefits

Why optimize gas management? Maintenance of uninterrupted gas supplies can nearly erase run-out related risks while achieving other benefits including:

  • Less gas waste
  • Reduced cylinder gas purchases
  • Fewer rush, emergency and after hours deliveries
  • More time to focus on core tasks and objectives
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