Grainger offers more than 1.7 million products in over 32 maintenance, repair, and operational (MRO) categories that are available when you need them most. Grainger leads the industry in providing customers with one source for their MRO needs. E&I members benefit from Grainger’s deep expertise in products and services while gaining process efficiencies when leveraging the company’s supply chain.

With over 1.3 billion in U.S. inventory, Grainger ensures that E&I members have the products they need, when they need them. With 14 distribution centers and 250 U.S. branch locations, Grainger shapes their inventory based on member needs for same-day availability. Members also have access to an additional five million unique and difficult-to-obtain products.

Contract Highlights:
  • Pricing offer to exact match market basket items and superior category discounts across Grainger’s entire catalog
  • Insight and support to help members prepare for emergencies and meet safety requirements
  • More than 560 Grainger account reps to help members meet their individual needs
  • Specialized E&I customer service team offers dedicated support
  • Tailored solutions provide unique benefits for K-12 and higher ed
  • Customized Hot List specific for each member institution
  • Incentives and discounts shaped by the individual member
  • Quantified cost reduction and analysis
  • Access to Grainger’s Distributor Alliance Program to help meet your supplier diversity requirements
  • Sustainable product offerings to help maintain facilities in eco-conscious ways

The competitively solicited E&I Grainger contract was created to meet the specific needs of E&I members. Here’s how Grainger is dedicated to serving higher education and K-12 institutions:

Understanding your Unique Obligations

Grainger knows that E&I members have unique obligations to keep students and faculty safe and secure. With demonstrated expertise in helping organizations prepare for emergencies, members can gain insight on how to best meet safety and security responsibilities. Grainger experts in public safety and emergency preparedness, as well as its specialized sales and customer service teams, provide comprehensive assistance to the products, experts, and training available across all sectors.

Enhanced Customer Service

Grainger’s enhanced offer starts with providing outstanding sales coverage. More than 560 Grainger account reps are available every day to visit with and discuss the individual needs and challenges of E&I members. Grainger’s specialized E&I customer service team provides dedicated support across a range of service matters, including onboarding, product selection, pricing, ordering, invoices, returns, consulting, and compliance.

Unique Offerings for E&I Members

Grainger offers tailored solutions to provide unique benefits to E&I members in K-12 and higher ed. Not only does the E&I Grainger contract deliver competitive piece prices and reduce total acquisition cost, but each member can customize their own product mix Hot List for their particular needs.

Other benefits include:

  • Refined offerings tailored to E&I members, particularly K-12.
  • A pricing offer of exact match market basket items and superior category discounts across all of Grainger’s 1.7 million product catalog.
  • Incentives and discounts shaped by the individual member.
  • E-commerce and digital platforms that are easy to search, navigate, and compare, including incentives supporting members’ advanced technology.
  • Prompt Payment Discounts and Consignment Arrangements
  • A customized inventory management offer
  • With Grainger market-based pricing, cost is more transparent than high-list/high-discount competitors. Grainger emphasizes net price rather than the discounted price.

Quantified Cost Reductions

Documenting value is critical to educational procurement. Grainger offers Quantified Cost Reduction and Analysis, which includes:

  • Real-time supply chain analytics and logistics discerning where a product is and when and where it is needed, down to the member location. This reduces store shopping and inventory maintenance costs.
  • Analysis and recommendations via Grainger Consulting Services provided at no cost to the member. This insight on acquisition and inventory management processes results in recognized efficiencies and lower costs.
  • An expanding environmentally-preferable, green product portfolio to help members maintain facilities with better energy management, water conservation, waste reduction, and air quality improvement.
  • Digital technology enabling members to identify substitutions for less sustainable products, which includes associated metrics to help members select the best choice.
  • A continued long-term commitment to small business through Grainger’s Distributor Alliance program of authorized resellers and diverse product and service suppliers. This program helps members reach supplier diversity commitments, including Mentor Protégé relationships.

More Information

Contact your Member Relations Representative, E&I’s David Ott, Business Development Manager, Facilities, or Andrea Hamby, National Sales Manager at Grainger.

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