E&I Grainger Contract


Grainger is making important changes to its pricing model, delivering value for all Grainger customers. Grainger will be implementing an enhanced E&I offer that will provide discounts off a new referenced price point which is Contract Reference Pricing (CRP). E&I Members will benefit from this new structure beginning on August 21, 2017. The bottom line value to our members will remain the same and in some cases, become incrementally better than it is today! For more information on this new pricing structure, login and check out our ordering information.

Grainger is the leader in industrial supplies, offering exceptional value, time savings, and discounts on products and services to meet your institution’s maintenance needs.

The E&I Grainger program provides value driven access to over 1.2 million products and replacement parts. You’ll find everything from cleaning and maintenance products to hand and power tools, lighting, electrical and plumbing equipment, and more.

Now comprised of more categories with deeper discounts along with a streamlined market basket. This newly enhanced contract provides the greatest overall value for any educational institution.

Member Benefits through New Contract Enhancements:
  • One premium E&I Grainger contract version
  • A total of 35 categories represented with a minimum discount of 3% off of Grainger contract reference price
  • Key product Core Market Basket of commonly used items by educational institutions
  • Ability to develop your own Local Hot List of up to 1000 items outside the Core Market Basket to meet your specific needs
  • Incremental growth incentive for ALL member program users
  • Exclusive E&I member e-commerce incentive for ALL member program users

Grainger is is available as part of E&I’s ESM and JAGGAER (formerly SciQuest) offerings.

E&I Grainger Contract

Getting Started

If your institution is not currently using the E&I Grainger program or if you are not sure which program your institution is utilizing, please complete this quick Member Program Participation Form.  This will ensure your institution will begin enjoying even greater savings through the enhanced E&I Grainger contract.