Contract Number: CR001195
Contract Date: 03/27/2024 – 01/25/2029
Agreement: LPA
Renewals: None
eProcurement: N/A
RFP Number & Name: LPA RFP #11265 / Digital Experience Portal/Mobile App


The Pathify contract provides innovative digital experience mobile and portal solutions for higher ed institutions. The platform brings together information from your SIS, LMS, CRM, and other ERP into one central location with a 360-degree view to improve student, faculty, staff, and visitor experience.

Pathify is a leading provider of modern student engagement solutions, revolutionizing student journeys from prospect to alumni (and beyond!). Pathify connects clients with a modern, cloud-based platform that enhances digital campus experiences with personalized dashboards, resources, support services and more. Rooted in an extensive integration library and seamless integrations with higher education’s most popular systems, Pathify pushes personalized information, content, and resources to the right people at the right time — across any device.

Contract Highlights
  • Engagement Hub supports and simplifies the entire student journey through a single, modern interface.
  • Portal features and functionalities are fully paired across all devices, creating cohesive user experiences.
  • E&I members receive best-in-class implementation, training, and support.
  • Integrations with higher eds’ most popular systems, with low-code integrations that launch within minutes.
  • Ability to white label and fully brand your Pathify instance.
  • E&I members receive incentive pricing.
  • Flow middleware enables E&I member institutions to build custom integrations, widgets and more.
  • Communities promote connection, collaboration and belonging — experiences shown to improve student retention and success.
  • Constantly iterate and improve student experiences with sophisticated analytics behind behaviors, affinities, and preferences.


Sustainability and protecting the environment is a priority to Pathify. While business operations can have an adverse impact on the environment, Pathify aims to operate its business in a manner that reduces impacts on the environment and protects the environment and its resources. See Pathify's Sustainability Policy, for more information.

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