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CDC: Summary of the Storage Needs for COVID-19

Mayo Clinic: Comparison of Energy Efficient -80°C Freezers for Biorepository Storage

High Performance Biomedical Refrigerators & Freezers: Designed for vaccine, pharmaceutical, and medical product storage

Go on a 3D tour of PHCbi laboratory in stock incubators and freezers. Choose from a menu of views with special component highlights & pop-up information on what you’re seeing & why it’s essential for your academic research efforts.

Vaccines are coming, and the demand for cold storage will exceed supply. PHCbi offers a range of ultra-low temperature freezers to meet your needs.
Watch Video: Explore reliability, energy efficiency of VIP ECO® Ultra-Low Freezer
Watch Video: How to safely unpack the PHCbi Brand VIP ECO® Ultra-Low Freezer
Watch Video: Preventative maintenance tips to maximize ultra-low freezer performance


Testing for COVID-19

  • Coronavirus is an RNA-based virus, and unlike DNA, RNA is much more delicate and degrades easily in a laboratory setting. Scientists must extract this RNA from the viral specimen to test for diagnoses, and because of its delicate nature, it requires very strict storage requirements.
  • The Test Kit (diagnostic) for COVID-19 is a real-time RT-PCR based test. This is a very common lab technique that converts RNA to DNA. It then amplifies that DNA using special enzymes, fluorescent dyes, and reagents to quantify nucleic acid. In this case, the test is looking to see if the COVID-19 nucleic acid is present.

PHC Corporation of North America (formerly Panasonic Healthcare Corporation of North America) is a leader in offering laboratory equipment for biopharmaceutical, life sciences, academic, healthcare and government markets. A subsidary of PHC Holdings Corporations, Tokyo, Japan, PHC is involved in three core areas: medical devices, healthcare IT, and life sciences.

Product lines under the new PHCbi brand include the space saving and energy efficient VIP® ECO, TwinGuard® and VIP Series ultra-low temperature freezers, cryogenic and biomedical freezers, pharmacy and high-performance refrigerators, cell culture CO2 and multigas incubators, and Drosophila/plant growth chambers.

Product Offering:
  • CO² incubators
  • Heated and refrigerated incubators
  • Pharmaceutical freezers
  • Ultra-low temperature upright and chest freezers (learn more: Ultra-Low Temperature Freezers: By the Numbers)
  • High performance pharmaceutical and laboratory refrigerators and biomedical freezers
  • Under-counter and general purpose refrigerators and freezers
  • Cloud based monitoring & notification systems

Get more details on:
PHCbi Pharmaceutical Refrigerator – Delivers a stable, reliable temperature control for clinical, pharmaceutical, biomedical storage & processing.
PHCbi Pharmaceutical Refrigerator with Freezer – Offers a complete storage solution in one multipurpose cabinet.
PHCbi Large Capacity Pharmaceutical Refrigerator – Delivers a stable, reliable temperature control plus fast recovery following door openings.
High Performance Biomedical Refrigerators & Freezers – Designed for vaccine, pharmaceutical, and medical product storage.

Learn more about the Energy Star® Collection, and see what’s available through PHCbi, in this catalog.
Ultra-low freezers, biomedical refrigerators, and more: learn more about products from PHCbi.

[Watch] PHCbi’s YouTube library features videos on cold storage, incubators, vaccines, and more.

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