eProcurement Solutions

eProcurement delivers many benefits for educational institutions looking to source more effectively and efficiently.
E&I offers members a range of eProcurement options, from our no-cost online VERVE solution to platforms with varying functionality and integration capabilities.

Solutions That Can Grow with You

Custom-built for education, these offerings are robust and scalable – perfect for an institution’s first entry into eProcurement and able to grow into an enterprise system supporting multi-campus purchasing requirements.
But an eProcurement platform is only as good as the strategy around it. E&I can help you drive your eProcurement strategy, including enhancing your punchout strategy and enabling more contracts.

E&I’s No-Cost Option

VERVE, by E&I is a no-cost online marketplace that enables schools and universities to drive end-users to a centralized shopping experience where E&I’s portfolio of contracts are available with federated search in a fully secure purchasing environment. Functionality includes member-specific E&I contracts, support for p-cards and purchase orders, reporting, and basic approvals and admin rights. ERP integration is also available at low or no cost.

Additional eProcurement Offerings

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EqualLevel, Sponsored By E&I

EqualLevel, Sponsored by E&I is a robust and powerful eProcurement solution for education.

Serving as a private marketplace for business and procurement leaders and their institutional users, EqualLevel, Sponsored by E&I connects schools and universities with our portfolio of supplier contracts in a pre-loaded, secure environment. You can also enable any number of your own supplier catalogs for even greater levels of eProcurement flexibility.

An Easy-to-Use, Fully Digital Supplier Network
EqualLevel’s eProcurement platform allows organizations to quickly deploy a cloud-based, multi-vendor procure-to-pay marketplace that ensures compliance and can be accessed by anyone, from anywhere, at any time. Developed to maximize transparency, efficiency, and spend control, the platform enables institutions to provide universal access into a pre-approved, fully digital, supplier network.

Pre-Loaded with E&I Contracts

P-Cards & Purchase Orders

Intuitive Reporting

Member-Specific Pricing

Punchout from ERP

Approvals & Workflows

Non-E&I Contracts

Full Administrative Control


ERP Integration

Data & Analytics

Custom Branding

Maximize Cost Savings and Efficiency

With EqualLevel, Sponsored by E&I, your users can shop easily and intuitively as they would on any ecommerce site. The savings and purchasing process are optimized by the EqualLevel Savings Advisor, a powerful and proprietary comparison tool built on machine learning and artificial intelligence. Approvals and workflows are easily configured, a full order history is always available and ready to export for review or audit purposes, and all documents from receive, to order, to pay, are available in one central location.

EqualLevel, Sponsored by E&I, delivers ease-of-use, a level playing field for suppliers, and complete orchestration by procurement. By digitizing the procurement process on this powerful, cloud-based platform, the shopping experience for your institution becomes fast, easy, and intuitive, leading to maximized cost savings and optimal operational efficiency.

Punchout & Catalog Enablement Strategy

Contract Enablement

Another way to control more spend is to enable specific contracts on your existing eProcurement platform. The more E&I contracts you have enabled, the more cost savings you can realize.

If you’re currently benefitting from using E&I contracts, but they aren’t enabled on your platform, you are very likely leaving money on the table. And if you have some of our contracts enabled, why not more? E&I has contracts with leading suppliers — let us help you get more of them enabled so you can drive increased cost savings.

Punchout Strategy

What if you could punch out from your existing eProcurement platform to a no-cost, pre-loaded marketplace that also serves up additional contracts in a secure, controlled environment?

With VERVE, you can. E&I contracts are pre-loaded into this innovative marketplace, providing access to a wide range of products and services.


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