eProcurement Solutions

eProcurement delivers many benefits for educational institutions looking to source more effectively and efficiently. E&I offers members a range of eProcurement options, from our no-cost online marketplace (coming soon) to platforms with varying functionality and integration capabilities.

Solutions That Can Grow with You

Custom-built for education, these offerings are robust and scalable – perfect for an institution’s first entry into eProcurement and able to grow into an enterprise system supporting multi-campus purchasing requirements. But an eProcurement platform is only as good as the strategy around it.

E&I can help you drive your eProcurement strategy, including enhancing your punchout strategy and enabling more contracts. 

Enhancing Your ePro Strategy

eProcurement for Everyone

E&I’s no-cost online marketplace is custom-built for smaller institutions and enables schools and universities to drive end-users to a centralized shopping experience where E&I’s portfolio of contracts are available in a secure purchasing environment.

We are currently conducting a limited Pilot Program with select members. Please stay tuned for additional information. For questions, or to learn more, please contact Cathy Boyd, E&I’s eProcurement Executive Advisor.

Have My Member Representative Contact Me!

Serving as a private marketplace for business and procurement leaders and their users, EqualLevel, Sponsored by E&I connects schools and universities with our portfolio of supplier contracts in a pre-loaded, secure environment. You can also enable any number of your own supplier catalogs for even more flexibility.

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E&I EqualLevel Contract for eprocurement
E&I Unimarket contract provides an easy-to-use eProcurement solution designed to meet the needs of higher education

Additional eProcurement Solutions

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