Jump Start Your 2023 Sustainability Goals with VWR

Green Initiative: Recycling Solutions!

Recycle Your PPE to Reduce Waste
Waste generation is a global challenge, and VWR offers solutions for your lab. Contact your VWR representative for information on these programs and more.

VWR Glove Recycling

Disposable Glove Recycling Box

Zero Waste Box | Terracycle®

This easy-to-use recycling program provides a complete waste collection, shipment, and recycling solution for all brands of used disposable gloves, including vinyl, nitrile, and latex gloves. The plastics are separated by number, melted, extruded, and turned into small pellets used to make unique products.

VWR PPE Recycling

Safety Equipment & Protective Gear Recycling Box

Zero Waste Box | Terracycle®

This program offers a convenient opportunity to recycle various types of waste found in most labs. All brands of personal protective equipment products are accepted, including ear plugs, beard nets, hair nets, disposable garments, disposable gloves (latex, vinyl, nitrile), booties, and safety glasses.


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