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How Schools Can Negotiate Global Marketplace Challenges

Two Steps to Addressing These Ongoing Issues

In the wake of COVID-19, the global marketplace is currently facing a number of supply chain and logistic challenges. Pandemic-related labor disruptions in the manufacturing industry have created shortages of raw materials such as plastics, computer chips and nickel, while a surge in consumer demand has strained the supply chain even further. Retailers are also facing global transportation issues, leading to increased freight costs and long shipping delays.

What Can Schools Do To Address These Issues?

It’s a challenging time for schools and universities to be sure, however, there are a few key strategies they can take to help them remain solvent during this challenging time.

Step 1: Choose a Supplier with Enough Product

Securing an adequate supply of product should be your first priority. Your choice of supplier will be key here. Savvier suppliers will have anticipated these issues months ago and worked to bring in additional products before these problems began. Large suppliers have the advantage here since they possess the capital needed to significantly increase spending and store large amounts of product throughout the rest of the year.

Step 2: Make Sure Your Supplier Can Get Products to You Quickly

You should also look for suppliers with their own supply chain. There are a number of reasons for this. First off, they will be more efficient at securing the additional storage space needed to house additional products, as well as the labor needed to process it.

They will also have the resources necessary to locate alternate transportation methods if it becomes necessary, since they have long-standing relationships within the transportation industry. All of this is important in order to get products to your business in a timely fashion. After all, securing a product does you no good if you have to wait months for an overburdened team to deliver it to you.

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Batteries Plus is doing everything possible to continue supplying schools with the critical power and lighting solutions they rely on. They have leveraged their size to increase their supply of crucial products and are utilizing their shipping and logistical expertise to get the product in their warehouse as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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