Contract Number: CNR01457
Contract Date: 02/01/2018 – 01/31/2028
Agreement: Competitive
Renewals: None
eProcurement: N/A
RFP Number & Name: 683303 / Microscopes, Cameras, Software, Accessories, Supplies and Service

Nikon Instruments, Inc.

The Nikon Instruments contract offers the leading optical and digital imaging technology for biomedical, clinical, and research microscope applications. E&I members have access to proprietary technologies through Nikon Microscope Solutions, the Nikon Instruments unit focused exclusively on serving research education. Advance your research efforts knowing these instruments meet the strictest quality standards.

Nikon Instruments, Inc. is committed to helping further bioscience and imaging technology and is particularly focused on excellence in microscopy and digital image microscopy. As the only microscope company to manufacture its own glass, Nikon Instruments ensures the very strictest quality assurance throughout the entire production process.

Contract Highlights
  • Microscopy products and accessories, including light, digital, stereo, inverted, educational, research, and clinical microscopes, as well as microscope cameras and confocal and super resolution systems
  • Nikon Service Agreements: needs to be signed prior to any Service Agreement going into effect
  • Access to Nikon Bioimaging Services for researchers in the life sciences who need access to cutting-edge imaging instrumentation and the expertise to use it effectively
  • Competitive and early payment discounts and quantity price breaks
  • Five-year limited warranty on microscopes and accessories
  • One-year limited warranty on confocal systems
  • Extended warranties available on certain products
  • Training and setup included at no charge


Nikon is committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, lessening their carbon footprint, and producing products that are both eco- and human-friendly. Learn more.

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