What is an EMMP & What are the Benefits of Partnering with One?

Managing Maintenance Service Agreements on Your Behalf

We’ve recently launched new contracts with three leading equipment maintenance management program (EMMP) providers: Electronic Risks Consultants, Remi, and Specialty Underwriters.

But what is an EMMP, and what are the benefits of partnering with one?

In short, an EMMP manages original equipment manufacturer (OEM) maintenance service agreements on your behalf. Once the initial equipment warranty has expired, you pay the EMMP provider a deeply discounted rate instead of paying each OEM for each piece of equipment, and still receive all parts, labor, and service directly from each OEM. And in the rare instance OEM coverage is not available, the EMMP provider can refer you to a credible third party for your service needs.

Current E&I members who leverage EMMPs report “no drop in quality,” the ability to “use the same OEM technicians as before,” and experience “no issues with service response times and resolution.”

Let’s dive into what these programs are and the real benefits you can realize with one of E&I’s EMMP contract suppliers.

What is an Equipment Maintenance Management Program (EMMP)?

Maintenance service agreements typically cover two main areas: maintenance, which is done to sustain equipment performance, and service, which refers to repairing a piece of equipment or asset. The warranty and maintenance agreements provided by an OEM or a third-party provider provide full coverage for maintenance and service on owned equipment already on campus.

But when you consider the amount of equipment on a school campus – in labs, offices, data centers, facilities, and more – it becomes a significant administrative challenge to centralize, index, and maintain the sheer volume of service agreements for all these assets.

This juggling act can create risks with record keeping and tracking, lack of oversight, decentralization, and a host of unknowns, all while diluting your campus’s purchasing power with suppliers.

EMMPs can be an efficient solution to this complex problem, serving as a resource to consolidate and track your maintenance service agreements and providing solutions that deliver the budget flexibility to allow purchases of other campus needs.

How EMMPs Work

For most institutions without an EMMP in place, the relationship with each OEM typically looks like this:

You Manage You Receive
  • Documentation tracking, such as different coverages, terms, and end dates
  • Long purchasing process from quote through purchase order
  • Holding the OEM accountable with performance tracking
  • OEM parts, labor, lead time, and expertise
  • Non-competitive quotes

However, for those with an EMMP in place, the OEM relationship transforms into:

You Manage EMMP Manages You Receive
  • Relationship with EMMP
  • Reporting any issues with OEM or third party to EMMP
  • OEM relationships and all service contracts
  • Documentation tracking, including coverages, scope of services, and end dates
  • Holding the OEM or third party accountable with performance tracking
  • OEM parts, labor, lead time, and expertise
  • Improved rates (an average of 17-35% savings on quotes)
  • Competitively bid and FAR compliance
  • Quicker purchasing process from request to purchase order
  • Transparency on contract management and coverage through performance reports from the EMMP

The added service an EMMP provides not only frees up your valuable time and resources, but also eases your budget constraints, reducing the cost of entry.

Here are real examples from your fellow E&I members who have engaged EMMPs at their institutions:

OEM Price EMMP Price Approximate Savings

Member 1




Member 2




Member 3




Member 4




These savings are across categories: research equipment, medical and veterinary diagnostic equipment, office environment, IT and communications, facilities and physical plant, and other equipment across campus.

How to Engage EMMP Providers

So you’ve decided on an EMMP provider – how do you engage with them? You start once an asset’s original OEM warranty has expired. Your EMMP can help you confirm this information with the OEM on your behalf.

Once the OEM warranty coverage expiration is confirmed by the EMMP:

  • Provide the asset’s manufacturer and model and serial number to the EMMP provider for a quote
  • If the EMMP cannot deliver the contracted discount or doesn’t have an OEM solution for services and repair, you’ll be notified and the EMMP will work with you to establish the appropriate next steps and explore third party options

Once the EMMP’s OEM or third party warranty is in place:

  • Contact the EMMP when an asset needs maintenance or service, after which you’ll work directly with the OEM.
  • The OEM fulfills the required services using their labor, parts, and service, then files all reports with the EMMP for record, reference, and other KPI tracking

E&I's EMMP Contracts

Our portfolio includes contracts with three EMMP providers, so you can choose the one best suited to fit your institution’s needs.

Electronic Risks Consultants (ERC)

  • Equipment covered across categories and departments, from communication and IT through scientific, industrial, office equipment, and more
  • Benefits include agreement consolidation, vendor choice, and expanded coverage
  • Flexible discount structure

Average savings of 27-40% on maintenance and service agreements


  • Consolidated maintenance coverage under a single agreement
  • Flexibility to use multiple service providers, including the OEM
  • Centralized maintenance management reporting system
  • Comprehensive equipment coverage to include onsite services

Average savings of 17-35% on maintenance and service agreements

Specialty Underwriters

  • One point of contact for all equipment maintenance and management issues, including invoicing and payments
  • Retain your repair and maintenance provider of choice
  • Contact providers as needed, process individual supplier invoices, and issue consolidated invoices on a monthly or quarterly basis

Average savings of 17-35% on maintenance and service agreements

Looking for more information? We’re here to help. Contact your dedicated E&I Member Representative or Lindsay Taylor, Business Development Executive, Research & Scientific at any time.

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