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Conducted on | Thursday, August 3, 2023 @ 2PM (ET)

Sponsored by | E&I Cooperative Services 

Presented by | E&I Cooperative Services 

Cooperative Purchasing 101: A Primer for Busy Higher Education Executives

As a busy C-Suite executive, you understand the importance of efficiency and cost savings in your procurement process. Cooperative purchasing can help. Your school is already a member of E&I Cooperative Services and could be leveraging the cooperative to do better and accomplish more.

Many schools of your size are already leveraging E&I to drive cost savings and efficiencies. Please attend this webinar to learn more about the value of cooperative purchasing, why E&I is different, and how our collaborative approach makes us an ideal procurement partner.

The demands facing higher education have never been more pressing or acute. During this session you’ll learn how to leverage your cooperative to:

✔ Drive Cost Containment

✔ Access 150-plus Competitively Solicited Contracts

✔ Tap Into Aggregated Spend

✔ Build Revenue Streams

✔ Skip the RFP Process

✔ Meet Your Compliance Needs

✔ Access Strategic Support from Industry Experts

✔ Leave Supplier Management to Us

✔ Sign-up for No-Cost eProcurement


Joe Castelluccio | Director, Business Development, E&I

Larry Blackwell | E- Procurement Executive Advisor, E&I

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