Hilco IP Services, LLC d/b/a Hilco Streambank

E&I Hilco Contract for IPv4 purchase and sales

About the Hilco Contract for E&I Members Through the Hilco Streambank contract, E&I members generate revenue through sales of IPv4 address blocks and purchase what they need. Hilco is a market-leading broker for purchases and sales of IPv4 addresses worldwide. Let Hilco be the single point of contact for your IPv4 address needs, with premium […]

Strata Information Group (SIG)

E&I SIG contract for technology consulting and staffing services

About the Strata Information Group Contract for E&I Members The Strata Information Group (SIG) contract provides information technology consulting and staffing solutions to public and private colleges and universities. Having strategic partnerships with industry leading IT providers and organizations, SIG helps you realize the full potential of technology to transform the student experience, achieve operational […]