E&I Specialty Underwriters Contract

Specialty Underwriters

Contract Number:
RFP or Project Number - Name:
683189 - Equipment Maintenance Management Program
Agreement Type:
Contract Effective Dates:
09/01/2013 - 08/31/2023

Specialty Underwriters is a leading provider of equipment maintenance management programs. E&I’s competitively solicited Specialty Underwriters contract offers members a reliable, time-proven approach to managing equipment repairs, reducing operating costs and providing ongoing analysis of measuring equipment reliability and vendor performance through key management reporting.

Contract Highlights:
  • One point of contact for any and all equipment maintenance and management issues (including invoicing and payment)
  • Retain your repair/maintenance provider of choice. Specialty Underwriters will contact these companies as requested, process individual supplier invoices, and issue a consolidated invoice to you on a monthly or quarterly basis
  • There can be a savings of 17% to 35% on maintenance and service agreements
  • Additional financial rebates

Who Is SU Group

For more information, check out this infographic and articles for higher ed and K-12.

More Information

Please contact your E&I Member Representative or Michael CostiganBusiness Development Manager, Research and Academic Healthcare.

Getting Started

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