Unlocking Efficiency & Control: How PBSC Leveraged its VERVE Punchout for Success

The Situation

Palm Beach State College (PBSC), a valued member of E&I, was looking to optimize its procurement process and empower its staff and end users. With three existing contracts enabled on its Workday platform, PBSC aimed to increase supplier catalog availability for end users and drive compliance by directing more spend under contract.  

According to David Chojnacki, Assistant Procurement Director, at PBSC a critical challenge in the college’s current system was the absence of a budget check prior to p-card purchases. To address this issue, Chojnacki focused on reducing p-card usage and promoting catalog utilization. This strategic shift would not only increase financial accountability, but also ensure that PBSC was leveraging the best contract pricing available, resulting in optimal use of their resources.

The Actions

PBSC had recently learned about VERVE by E&I and decided to implement a VERVE punchout in its Workday solution. Chojnacki recognized the value VERVE provided in terms of offering end users easy access to multiple catalogs, empowering them to compare prices and make informed purchasing choices. The ability to bring more spend under contract was an additional benefit. VERVE’s scalability allowed PBSC to swiftly expand from three catalogs to ten, which was a major win for Chojnacki.   

Throughout the implementation process, PBSC faced several challenges related to automatic invoicing procedures and supplier readiness. Chojnacki worked with E&I to effectively address these hurdles, ultimately paving the way for smoother operations moving forward. As a lesson learned, E&I recognized the importance of aligning invoicing set up as part of the testing processes, minimizing unnecessary communication and confusion in future implementations.

By centralizing procurement through VERVE, we can direct more spend under contract, gaining greater control over expenses and optimizing cost savings. This consolidation effectively streamlines our operations and enhances financial oversight.

The Results

By harnessing the innovative solutions available through its VERVE punchout, PBSC has successfully enhanced efficiency, compliance, and financial control within its procurement process.

  • PBSC incurred no setup costs through the implementation, making VERVE an incredibly cost-effective solution.
  • The VERVE implementation process required significantly fewer IT resources compared to setting up individual catalogs.
  • VERVE’s scalability allows PBSC to easily add new contracts to the punchout, empowering end users to shop, compare costs, and generate savings.
  • Centralizing procurement through VERVE enables PBSC to direct more spend under contract, enhancing financial control and optimizing cost savings.
  • VERVE’s hassle-free process ensures that requisitions flow seamlessly through the regular approval process, reducing workloads for procurement staff and eliminating the need for extensive change management.
  • The punchout functionality and automated invoicing system significantly lighten the workload for the accounts payable office.

Our overall experience working with the VERVE enablement team and the support we received was excellent. I would absolutely recommend VERVE to other E&I members.


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