eProcurement Solutions for Education

eProcurement Platforms Available Through E&I

eProcurement offers many benefits for schools and universities looking to procure more effectively and efficiently. At the simplest level, eProcurement helps institutions maximize cost savings, reduce risk, and deliver greater administrative efficiencies.

E&I offers its members access to a range of solutions and services that make the benefits of eProcurement within reach for any institution.

Why eProcurement?

  • Maximize Cost Savings: Drive end users to your system, confident in the knowledge that your campus is using only selected, best-in-class contracts
  • Reduce or Eliminate Maverick Spend: Eliminate off-contract purchasing by making it easier, faster, and more rewarding to use the pre-approved eProcurement channel
  • Connect Easily with Suppliers: Centralize catalog management to seamlessly deliver preferred contracts to end users
  • Drive Operational Efficiencies: Automate processes, reduce paperwork, eliminate manual errors, and streamline approvals and workflows
  • Scale Up as Your Needs Grow: Implement eProcurement now to meet your current needs with the flexibility to upgrade as your institution’s needs evolve

eProcurement That Meets You at Your Point-of-Need

E&I offers BlankBuy, a no-cost p-card marketplace that was developed specifically for smaller schools. The solution is turnkey and intuitive and can have your small school up and running at no cost in just days.

For schools who need standalone, customizable solutions, we offer contracts with the following leading eProcurement providers:

These providers have excellent technology solutions and deep expertise in serving the education sector. We have extensive experience working with each of them, as well as other eProcurement providers, and can help guide you to the right solution for your institution’s unique needs.

Let’s talk about which eProcurement platform is right for you!

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