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eProcurement Catalog Enablement Strategy

Many E&I members have already implemented eProcurement on campus. If you have, you know that it’s a great way to control costs and create efficiencies. 

But an eProcurement platform is only as good as the strategy around it. E&I can help you drive your eProcurement strategy on many fronts, including enhancing your contract enablement approach and optimizing your contract offerings for practice leaders, departments, end-users and other key stakeholders on campus.

Optimize Your Contract Enablement, Bring More Spend Under Management

A great way to control spend is to enable more best-in-class contracts on your existing eProcurement platform. More contracts enabled means more spend on contract and more spend under management.

E&I can help you maximize your catalog enablement strategy. The more E&I contracts you have enabled, the more cost savings you will be able to realize. If you’ve signed up for E&I contracts, but they aren’t enabled on your platform, you are very likely leaving money on the table.

If you have some of E&I’s contracts enabled, why not enable more? E&I currently has more than 200 competitively solicited contracts with industry-leading suppliers; let us help you get more of them live on your platform so you can maximize cost savings and efficiency.

The Bottom Line?

If your institution has an ERP or ePro platform in place today, E&I can help you maximize the value and ROI of that solution. If you don’t have a solution in place, we’ve got a range of e-procurement solutions that can help.

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