Conducted on | Wednesday July 19, 2023 

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Maximize Your School’s Punchout Strategy: A VERVE Member Success Story


  • Helga Strobel-Pedisich, Director, Innovations & eProcurement Solutions at E&I
  • Cathy Boyd, eProcurement Executive Advisor at E&I

While the benefits of eProcurement are established and well-proven, your eProcurement platform is only as good as the contracts you have enabled.

That enablement process can be a sticking point for many institutions as their Procurement and/or IT teams struggle to set up individual catalogs. Palm Beach State College (PBSC) is one of several schools solving this challenge with VERVE from E&I.

Attend this upcoming webinar to learn how PBSC was able to quickly add multiple contracts to their Workday ePro program via a single punchout – and how the VERVE enablement team managed the set up and testing process for them.

Using a single punchout to VERVE can be a great catalog expansion strategy. It’s not just Workday however; VERVE delivers the ability to punchout from other ERP or ePro platforms to rapidly expand the number of contracts available to you and your campus. Join this webinar to learn if this is an option for your school.

Don’t have an eProcurement solution in place?

VERVE can help you there, too. It’s a no-cost, turnkey eProcurement service available to all members as part of your E&I membership.

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