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How It Works

VERVE is an online service by E&I that delivers an easy and intuitive eProcurement experience across your entire campus. Provided at no cost to members, this secure and controlled environment allows users to buy from a large number of E&I suppliers using p-cards or purchase orders, all in one place.

Think of it as eProcurement as a service!

  • Ready-to-use & managed by E&I
  • Convenient shopping experience for departmental buyers & end users
  • Enables your school to drive cost savings & improve spend management
  • Pre-loaded with E&I contracts so you can start shopping in just minutes
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Looking for More? We Have You Covered

VERVE is a convenient, hassle-free option for many schools, and it can be used even more strategically when you register as an Enrolled Account.

By assuming minor administrative responsibilities with an Enrolled Account, you can access significant additional functionality, including: adding custom contracts, enabling POs and RFQs, and utilizing workflows and approvals

And it’s still available still at no cost to you as an E&I member!

Contact us to find out which version of VERVE is right for your institution.

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Computer screen displaying VERVE eprocurement software and available cooperative purchasing contracts from E&I Cooperative Services
VERVE Contracts

The following E&I contracts are currently enabled on VERVE, categorized by those that have full punchout capabilities and those that accept requests for quotes. New contracts and functionality are continually being added; please check back for updates.

Buy Now (Punchout)



America To Go*

Avantor, delivered by VWR


B&H Photo Video*


Complete Book and Media Supply

Connection® Public Sector Solutions

Demco Inc.

Enterprise Holdings, Inc. 



Filtration Concepts


Guest Supply

Henry Schein,  Inc. – Dental Supplies*


Humanscale Corporation







Patterson Dental*


PPG Paints


Staples Promotional Products

Waters Corporation

Request Quote

American Education Supply

Anthony Travel


B&H Photo Video*

Carahsoft Technology Corp.

Carrier Enterprise

Cizek Associates

Columbia Advisory Group (CAG)

Connection® Public Sector Solutions




Global Furniture Group


Guest Supply

Henry Schein,  Inc. – Dental Supplies*

Herff Jones


Hilco Streambank




Legend Labs


Moving Minds

Mythics, LLC

Nikon Instruments, Inc.





SAP Concur

Schindler Elevator Corporation

Slalom, LLC

Southwest Contract, Inc.

Staples Promotional Products 

Standard Textile

The CMI Group

Transformations Furniture

United Rentals

Vesta Modular


* Suppliers marked with an asterisk are not available in the public instance of VERVE but can be accessed with an ‘Enrolled Account.’ An Enrolled Account simply means you designate an administrator to manage some light system functionality on the back end.
To learn more about the benefits of having an Enrolled Account (or to find out if your institution is already enrolled) contact  VERVEadmin@eandi.org.


VERVE is a no-cost online marketplace for education where many of E&I’s contracts are pre-loaded and available in a secure, controlled purchasing environment. VERVE is available to all E&I members as part of their E&I membership.

No, there is no cost for using the solution.

VERVE is available to all E&I members, including higher education and K-12. VERVE can be used by procurement staff, faculty, department heads, end users, and other campus stakeholders.

P-card orders are accepted by default in VERVE. Institutions can also enable the ability to use purchase orders and RFQs at no additional cost.

End users shopping with a p-card can sign up here. It’s simple, free, and fast; all they need is an institutional email address which will be used to verify their identity. Institutional users looking to use VERVE campus-wide and more strategically, can request to be set up as an Enrolled Account. Enrolled Accounts have the flexibility to access additional functionality, including the ability to add member-specific pricing, use purchase orders and RFQs, as well as workflows and approvals, among other things. To request an Enrolled Account, please complete this form.
This is easy – your username is your school email address – the address you signed up with. If you’ve forgotten your password, you can easily reset it here.

VERVE is a turnkey eProcurement service managed entirely by E&I. Think of it as an open marketplace in which all members get the same great experience. Members looking to be more strategic simply need to designate an administrator, who will manage some aspects on the back end. It’s a really light lift but it allows for customization and many key benefits, including:

  • Access to member-specific E&I contracts
  • Use of p-cards and purchase orders (POs)
  • Institution has administrative rights
  • Approval workflows
  • Shopper-only role, transfer shopping cart to authorized buyers
  • Punchout from existing ERP or eProcurement systems at low or no cost
  • Basic branding
  • Reporting

Yes. VERVE is most powerful when you designate an admin to manage some back-end aspects of the system, but we understand this is not always possible. This ready-to-use version of VERVE allows your users to register for and shop with p-cards as they would any e-commerce site. E&I manages all administrative aspects for you on the back end.

VERVE is preloaded with E&I contracts. This means all users are accessing E&I standard national pricing. Institutions can also enable member-specific pricing on E&I contracts. We view this as a compelling reason to joining VERVE at the institutional level.

95% of all contracts in VERVE are competitively solicited, and approximately 5% are negotiated. VERVE features filters that enable users to sort contracts by type.

EqualLevel is E&I’s technology partner. EqualLevel’s applications are developed with the goal of protecting customer credit card data in accordance with PCI DSS standards and all customer information is handled in a compliant manner. VERVE is built using an EqualLevel SaaS application and is PCI compliant.

Customer’s credit card data is never stored in VERVE.  All credit card data inbound to EqualLevel applications are intercepted, encrypted and stored in a secure vault, hosted on Amazon AWS.  Only the tokens generated in the process are accessible to the EqualLevel applications.  On outbound transactions to the customer vendors, the credit card data is retrieved from the vault on the fly and transmitted to the vendor in compliance with the cXML standard.

E&I and EqualLevel do not, under any circumstance, store PCI relevant data, including card validation code (CVV, CVV2, CVC2, CID, CAV2, etc.), PIN, or magnetic stripe data.

No. E&I has three additional solutions for members: EqualLevel, Sponsored by E&I; JAGGAER; and Unimarket. All three are strong platforms with varying levels of cost and functionality. If you already have an eProcurement platform in place, we can also help you enable more E&I supplier catalogs. Please contact your E&I representative for help deciding which solution is right for you.

Yes. You can punch out from your existing eProcurement platform to VERVE to quickly and easily enable additional contracts in a secure controlled environment.

Generally, yes. Users can punch out to VERVE from most major financial systems. Please contact your E&I representative for more information.

EqualLevel, Sponsored by E&I is an innovative, born-in-the-cloud P2P platform, licensed and managed directly by any member institution looking for a flexible, customizable eProcurement experience. Because the solution is sponsored by E&I, members can take advantage of all the benefits of a fully functional eProcurement platform while extracting significant additional value and rapid return on investment. EqualLevel, Sponsored by E&I comes preloaded with E&I catalogs.

This is a common problem at many schools and universities. Recognizing this, E&I has developed a Change Management Toolkit to help communicate to end users and help them understand the benefits of VERVE. Most of this is templated and easy to repurpose. We will work with you to help get the word out on campus and grow usage.

VERVE University is our online learning center for all things VERVE. You can access explainer videos, how-to guides, quick reference guides, job aids, and more. All are designed to be easy to use and navigate. Browse our VERVE University library here.

eProcurement has typically been out of reach for many of our members. VERVE changes that dynamic. In addition, many members use a range of E&I contracts but may not be fully aware of the complete breadth of our portfolio. Others identify p-card and off-contract spend as a significant pain point for their institution. VERVE is an easy-to-adopt service that brings E&I’s portfolio of suppliers together in a secure, controlled environment with E&I contract pricing, federated search, and the ability to add member-specific pricing on E&I contracts.

All of E&I’s contracted suppliers have some presence in VERVE. Virtually all suppliers and their offerings are available via search. For suppliers with punchout capabilities, members can shop directly on the suppliers’ websites while still inside VERVE. Some suppliers (e.g., service providers) have Request for Quote functionality. A small number of suppliers have an Information Only presence in VERVE.

If you need help or have technical questions on using VERVE, please do not hesitate to contact VERVEadmin@eandi.org. You will generally receive a response within 24 hours during regular business hours (Mon-Fri).

Each supplier in VERVE will have their own returns and replacement policy. In general, it will fall in line with that supplier’s return and replacement policy under the E&I contract. Click on any supplier tile in VERVE to bring up that supplier’s profile and view specific contact information.

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For technical questions or help getting set up in VERVE, please contact the VERVE Administrator.
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I’m focused on doing what’s best for my end users and giving them access to catalogs that are already under contract via a competitive solicitation, so that we can rest assured that we’ve spent our funds in the most competitive environment possible. VERVE helps me do that.
– David Chojnacki, Palm Beach State College

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