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Supplier Spotlight: UofL & Workday

Why the University of Louisville is Moving their ERP Platform to Workday

M. Rehan Khan, Vice Provost and CIO, IT Services at the University of Louisville, and Robert Steele, Vice President, Higher Education & Non-Profit Sales at Workday, discuss the University of Louisville’s project to move their ERP platform to Workday through the E&I Workday agreement.

What issues is the University of Louisville (UofL) facing with its current ERP platform that prompted you to seek a new provider?

Khan: Our current legacy ERP platform will not be supported by the vendor in the coming years. Some modules are already on third party support. It is expensive to maintain, highly customized, and offers a poor user experience. In addition, it does not respond well to today’s business requirements and drivers of change.

Why did the UofL select Workday?

Khan: After an extensive evaluation of vendors in this space, Workday was selected based on several evaluation factors, including company strength, cloud native product, functionality, ability to configure, security, usability, pre- and post-deployment support, and a friendly user interface, among others.

How did Workday first learn about the UofL’s need for a new ERP solution and the issues with its current platform?

Steele: Over the years, Workday has had ongoing conversations with the UofL regarding how a modern Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology solution could support its strategic plan and help transform the institution into a best place to work, learn, and invest in.

UofL’s incumbent solution was not allowing them to manage or report on university operations with the speed or depth required at a modern R1 research university, particularly while navigating a global pandemic. Workday’s modern, flexible SaaS solution will enable UofL to readily navigate the rapidly-evolving world of higher education—now and into the future.

Please provide details about the project. How extensive is it?

Khan: This project furthers our cloud-first and digital transformation strategy. The core ERP platform is a multi-year replacement project that will replace core human capital management (HCM), payroll, and financials with Workday.

Steele: Workday is thrilled to be UofL’s transformation partner for HCM, payroll, and financials. With over 7,000 faculty and staff, 23,000 students across three campuses, and 12 schools and colleges, UofL is taking a phased approach to the project. With the first phase of the project already underway, Workday HCM and payroll is an 18-month project scheduled to go live in July 2022, followed by Workday Financial Management. UofL is deploying this project with our partners at Huron Consulting Group.

How has using the E&I Workday contract benefitted your teams and the campus?

Khan: E&I is familiar with our procurement process and also has established relationships with the vendors we evaluated. We were able to work the contract in an efficient and effective manner. E&I helped to make the procurement and contract processes easier.

Steele: UofL is an excellent example of the value that the E&I Workday contract provides institutions seeking to procure enterprise technology. Using the E&I Workday contract enabled UofL to avoid a costly and time consuming RFP process. Eliminating this step will enable UofL stakeholders to accelerate the university’s time-to-value in the cloud with Workday — a partner who is committed to their success for years to come.

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Workday, Inc. is a leading provider of enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications, with a fully cloud-native platform developed for higher education.


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