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IAQ: Supply Chain Challenges, Buying vs. Renting, & Choosing the Right Products

Season: 1 | Episode: 1 | Category: Facilities

Hosts: Saul Alvarado, Vice President, Facilities at E&I Cooperative Services & David Manz, Business Development Manager, Facilities at E&I Cooperative Services

Guest(s): Kirk Steward, National Product Manager, Climate Control Division at Sunbelt Rentals

The need for good indoor air quality (IAQ) has been a topic for years, but COVID-19 significantly exposed deficiencies, challenges, and concerns surrounding IAQ. 

Now, with facilities teams around the world discussing how to better clean their air, this area of facilities maintenance is more important than ever. 
In this first episode, Saul and David chat with Kirk Steward from Sunbelt about supply chain, buying versus renting equipment, and the types of products that are available — and how to choose through the noise.

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