Interiors Contracts for EducationInnovative design, durable construction, and exceptional styles and colors are just a few qualities that define our interior options.

E&I’s interiors portfolio ensures comprehensive support and purchase convenience, as well as customized solutions and programs. This is thanks to direct input from our contract specialists.

As long as your institution is an active E&I member, you can access this diverse interiors portfolio.

Our interiors portfolio includes:
  • Specially designed products to suit member needs
  • High-quality goods engineered to provide years of service under intensive use
  • Broad range of furniture solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of today’s higher-ed environments
  • Exceptional value and environmental responsibility answer to all unique requirements

Interiors Contracts for EducationOur suppliers are acknowledged leaders in the industry, with reputations built on product excellence and top-notch service – so check out the E&I interiors portfolio today!

More Information

To learn more about E&I’s interiors specific agreements, please contact Tina Smith, Business Development Manager, Interiors.

E&I Interiors Contracts
Interiors Contracts for Education